A Common Language for Us All

A Common Language for us all does exist. One of the greatest difficulties that we as humans have is communication.  How do we speak so as to truly be heard by the other?  It’s makes me think of the Tower of Babel story which starts with the idea that once all humanity spoke the same language.  These humans decided they wanted to speak with God and so were trying to build a tower tall enough to reach God.  The God didn’t want them to be up where the God was, so he took away their ability to speak the same language and humanity broke up into all these different language groups.  The work on the tower ended. On one level, this is an allegory about why there are so many different languages on earth.  On the other hand, it is about the capability of humans to speak to each other in such words that the others could truly comprehend what the other person means.  We don’t know what separated us from each other and we know that something occurred that not only took away our capability to be heard by the other, it took away the memory that we once could be as one with another.  Instead it told us we were separate islands and we had no way how to speak to another in a common language or experience.  It told us that we couldn’t rely on ourselves to communicate our truth to anyone else, instead there was only historical advice and someone’s else process. Whatever that something that occurred was that separated us from our ability to communicate our core truth to another, well, it lied to us and put us in a box.  It’s time to get out of that box together!

I am reminded of a research study done about the meaning behind language.  The exercise was that the researcher had an English-speaking parent and their small child in one room and a Cheyanne-speaking native American parent and their small child in another room.  The researcher threw a ball into the room with each parent and child.  The English-speaking parent exclaimed to the child – “Look a ball”.  The Cheyanne parent said “Look, bouncing.”   English is an object-oriented language and so the child is taught to connect to objects.  The Cheyanne language is movement oriented and the child is thus encouraged to pay attention to movement.  You can see how even if both set of parents were trying to have a conversation about something, what they are focusing on is so different, it would be hard to comprehend what the other person truly means.

As far as I can tell right now, the only common experience that we all have is that we all have an internal sentient intelligence that speaks to us continually.  That is not saying that all humans pay attention to their sentient intelligence or grant its presence in their lives, yet it is there.  It is a 24/7 communication of the body to the brain so that our brain knows what is going on both within and outside of the body.   It is messages from our gut brain to our head brain via the vagus nerve. It comes in sensations, in energies moving thru us, in images, in emotions, in sensitivities.  It is both a common process in all humans and a unique codified experience for each of us.  This code in each human is both unique and shares common elements with how others perceive.  It’s like a code that develops within each of us for what a nudge, or energy or emotion or sensation is directing us to paying attention to. 

The reason most people don’t know what their sentient intelligence is saying is that, in the western culture, we were all told not to listen to it.  We were told to listen to our elders, to our teachers, our ministers, our leaders, that the wisdom for how to live in this world and interact in this world laid in others.  That was a lie.  Others cannot know what is best for you in the moment.  When we listen to this historic advice, we listen to what was, not what is occurring right this second for us.  This is not a dishonoring of that advice, it is simply putting it in its right placement.  For each of us there is constant communication from the body.  We know when we hearing it.  We call it our gut sense.  We have phrases that we use ‘my gut told me’ ‘I just knew that I needed to pay attention’, “I just knew that I shouldn’t go there/be with that person”. When we are creative or innovative, it is because we listen to a voice within that says ‘try this with that’, ‘how would it be if you..’.  That is the language of your sentient intelligence and it is the core language of creativity, of innovation, of creating the unique way to solve a problem for ourselves.  Anyone who has developed something new or different has been listening to their sentient intelligence. Scientists, artists, dancers, problem-solvers in all arenas of life.  All they truly have is their sentient intelligence to guide them to their next step.

What would happen if we started writing and speaking from our sentient intelligence?  I offer a Dialogue Call once a month where we speak from ‘what I am present to’ and ‘what I am opening up to’.  No historic knowing is part of the conversation.  It’s about listening internally.  It’s about speaking from that experience.  It takes us from trying to find language that we hope that other will interpret as we mean it to speaking in the moment in imagery and internal experience.  Sometimes it is just imagery.  The other day I was talking with someone about what I pay attention to when I work with clients.  I said to her, it’s like paying attention to a bud of a flower. You know that moment when the sides of the bud start to bulge and when the first petal begins to lift away from the bud?  Well, I watch for that sense of the person’s ‘bud’ beginning to bulge like the bud of a flower when it first begins to bulge in its first step towards its flowering.  I listen for that moment.  I look for that moment and I build on what the client says to be with their ‘bud’ in its further opening.  I look for the petal as it begins its separation from the body of the bud.  I listen to and use the sentient language of the client, so that we are together in their moment of opening.

Now that does not give you the words that I use with the client, and it gives you the sentient knowing of how I work with a client.  That listening to others in a sentient way is our common language.  We can all learn to do this for ourselves, as we open up to what our bodies and Spirit are trying to say to us.  Not only does this way of paying attention provide us with a deeper comprehension of our body’s and Spirit’s deeper wisdom, it provides us with a way to open up to realities outside of the one that we were born into. 

The reality that we were born into separates us from the reality of Body and Spirit, Energy and Matter, of the embodied Spirit.  Humans were designed to live in the latter not in separation, and it is in our hands, now, to learn to exist as embodied Natures of Being.  First let’s learn our sentient intelligence, it’s codes and nuances, its imagery and its guidance.  Then lets’ open up to each other in this speaking and listening.

Then, unlike the Tower of Babel, we can speak to each other in a way that we can be heard and we can hear what the other means to convey.  We don’t need to build a tower to a God who wants to separate us from each other, we will build a network so that we can speak and be heard by ourselves and others as our highest Natures of Being, our God-selves in action on earth.