A Good Start

We are all missing the touch, the hugs of family and friends.  A year ago we never thought that we would miss Thanksgiving and Christmas with others.  We never thought that we would still be in isolation in our homes a year later.  Unfortunately this long term isolation in our homes has led to a rise in depression and negative self talk.  My experience is that my first focus had to be on loving myself.  Stopping my own judgmental statements.  Focusing on something positive every time I wanted to be judgmental of myself. Positive self feedback may seem silly and awkward, but is a great way to get your mind out of the judgmental ruts of blame.  So give yourself credit for the small steps towards your goal – be they about eating better, exercising more or writing that article. 
Now to support yourself, you reach out to others.  Do it by phone, by Zoom or over the backyard fence.  We are a community species.  We need to be with others, to connect with others.  I find that a walk in the neighborhood where I see others walking too or even a visit to the grocery store is enough to help me feel connected.  We never know what cheery hello or nod of your head does for another.  Our reaching out to others is these small ways supports ourselves and supports others in their positive feedback loops as well.  Our minds and hearts wake up to the realization that our future is intertwined with others. Our well-being is integrally tied to others’ well-being.  It’s wonderful and fascinating to see this awakening of our integrated, interrelated, and symbiotic lives with others. My hope is that we all continue to remember that we are part of a ‘WE’. Human beings are part of a whole, a unity which is arising.  We are remembering who and what we are a members of a community.  Join me in my blogs and calls to join in this conversation of humans as caring community.