Being a Census Enumerator

I took the job of Census Enumerator for the money.  Retirement not being adequate and my own business with no clients.  I knew some of what to expect via the training that they gave us and was still unexcited about it.  Long days of walking up and down stairs didn’t have me in gleeful anticipation. 
I am now in week six of a possible 8 weeks on the job.  Truly there has been many times of up and down stairs and learning how apartment complexes number their apartments and buildings.  Inside those buildings though, I have met people that I fell in love with as I spent ten minutes asking them about their families.  There are those too who refuse to complete their census as they are too busy.  Maybe they think that they don’t have to complete the census.  It actually is mandatory even though we don’t say that when we talk to people. A few are like one arrogant man acted like a child that wants its way and won’t give in.  Those people I have called assholes under my breath.  I am not sorry for that AND as I ready myself to go off for 7 hours of census work, I put out there that the people will be home and want to complete the census.  That they see how important they are to our state. 
Did you know that 2 million children were not counted in the 2010 census?  That meant that the monies that those statistics would have brought into individual states didn’t flow in for healthcare, for children’s services, for roads etc.    It meant that those states might have gotten more representatives in Congress who could have voted for bills favorable to children.  Maybe they wouldn’t have voted to take care of the children of their state, but they might have.  
I have become passionate about this – our way to help our communities get the services they need is simply by completing our census.  Simple. Ten minutes online or by phone or in person.  We are a living breathing matrix of humanity.  If some of us don’t get counted, the services to all are impacted.  So simple and yet some people feel that they don’t have to do it.  It’s an exorable truth, we are one soul, one matrix of humanity where all are impacted by the actions of each other.  In all my life, I have never seen it so plainly played out before me.  Some people comprehend their part of the whole of humanity and some want to deny it.  
Yet I do know that everyone will ask for better roads, healthcare, children’s services and senior services when they have the need.  Everyone comprehends their right for such services and some do not comprehend their responsibility to secure the funds and representation that assures that needed services will get into our communities.  I am frustrated about the latter. 
Please spread the word in your communities, how critical it is for each of us to help secure services for all.  Just complete your census!  We don’t ask about citizenship, residency, guest or illegal status.  We just count who lives in each housing unit. I pray that we all recognize that we are part of one whole, one humanity and that we help that whole of humanity live well. No one can deny that they are not part of humanity. Now just accept both the responsibility and the rights of that oneness with humanity.