Craving Our Dreams

Most of us have our secret dreams, something that we would like to have or be in this lifetime that we do not tell anyone about.  Why? For me it has been because my dream seemed so far-fetched given where I was in my life at a specific time.  There are traditional ways that we are taught how to make our dreams come true.  Prayer was the first way that I was taught as a child – to pray to God for my dreams to come true.  How long were those prayers?  Under a minute would be my guess, even while preceded by ‘Now I lay me down to sleep”.  Not much time to lay out the specifics for sure.

For several years when I was about six and seven years old, I would pray for a pony for my birthday.  I lived in Chicago, so ponies probably were not allowed but I did not know that. I just knew that I wanted a pony for my birthday and for several years in a row, my birthday dawned with no pony in sight.  So, I learned that prayer and just wanting something does not make it happen.  I tested this theory out over several Christmases by not telling anyone what I wanted for Christmas.  I was sure that Santa would know what I wanted. What resulted was several disappointing Christmases. 

Then, as an adult, I learned the practice of Intentions where I created statements about what I wanted, and I read them or spoke them out loud every day.  Here the regularity of stating what I wanted increased and still there were not a lot of specifics.  However well intentioned, my practice of Intentions did not rise above daily prayer in providing myself or my Source, my G.O.D.  much on the specifics of what I wanted in my life.  Finally, I decided to use the truism,  ‘God helps those who help themselves’, which has always meant to me that I better figure it out on my own because my God/Goddess was not very familiar with the ways of this 3D world.

Actually this is probably the option that offered the greatest chance of me getting my dream to come true because: I thought about exactly what I wanted; I planned actions that should lead to me getting what I wanted; I kept taking actions in the direction of my desired dream and I adjusted my action plan based on the results that I was getting.  I have used that same practice in both my personal life and in my business life, so this method has had more success in my life than either prayer or intentions.  However, I have realized, that action plan left out any belief that my God/Goddess was involved in me getting what I needed or wanted in my life.   I was on my own which felt very lonely.

My prayers and Intentions might have been deeply heart felt, but they did not manifest any thing for me for several reasons. First, in all my prayers and intentions, I did not provide any specificity.  With my parents and with my God, I needed to say specifically what I wanted.  Intentions were chosen but lacked in-depth specificity and I did not align with any higher dimensional powers when I repeated them. I now know that by not praying for support from my God/Goddess, I left out a great support team that could have ‘had my back’ in manifesting my dreams.

As life would have it, about six years ago, I discovered another path to defining and manifesting my dreams.   I found it through the Creation Exercises of the Language of Creation by Tantra Maat.  I was first introduced to the Templates of the Language of Creation by a friend.  These Templates are alchemical formulas that are built on the same structure as the Golden Mean, i.e. they hold the same creation structure as most plants, animals, birds, insects and people on earth.  A friend just sent me the template and raved about how powerful they were.  I did not have any additional instruction.  My mind buckled when I tried to understand a Template and I assumed that this practice was not for me.  Turns out the structure of the Templates challenges the brain to think differently.  My ‘brain’ did not get it, so I gave up.

Two years later when I was a member of the Spirals of Being. Tantra encouraged us to use the Templates to write what we craved.  This time I took a class and my brain finally ‘got’ how to write a Creation Exercise.  The Creation Exercises are alchemical because of the unique combination of the structure of the Template combined with the writer’s own words.  This unique alchemical process creates something animate. Something that my historic mind could not write on its own, because it was stuck in language and thinking of the past.  In any of the Creation Exercises, I crave what I want to have in the world and the resulting phrases have far deeper meaning each time.  The meaning comes from my Sentient Intelligence, not from my mind. The body’s Sentient Intelligence informs the mind about what it needs that is life-enhancing, life-generating. Then the mind finds the words that are in resonance with the messages from my Sentient Intelligence.  As I write a recursion (there are four recursions in each Creation Exercise) I get access to my deeper wisdom, and to my connection with my G.O.D. as well.   I gain both specificity about what I craved, and I informed my God/Goddess about what I wanted in my life.  It is a twofer for sure!

I have gone on to use the Templates of the Creation Exercises regularly over the last six years. I have written Creation Exercises in each of the seven Craving Templates and two Observing Templates. I believe so strongly in the power of these Creation Exercises to support individuals in creating the life they crave, that I  became the Director of the Language of Consciousness Institute which provides the instructional Guidebooks that support individuals in learning these Templates. I also provide mentoring to individuals as they learn to write their Creation Exercises, and  I lead group mentoring sessions when individuals share their questions, their challenges, and their experiences as what they crave in their life opens up to them.  Join me in writing the Creation Exercises as you move from craving your dreams to having, to being and to doing what was in your dream.