Creating the World that We Crave

2020 has been a year of change and transition.  We have all experienced having our old daily habits turned upside down with lockdowns, businesses closed and illness and death visiting those we love and hold dear.  We wear masks to protect ourselves and others.  We stand six feet apart when waiting to check out of the cashier’s lines.  We don’t eat out so much or go to movie theaters. Many forego family get-togethers for birthdays and holidays.  My three- year-old granddaughter is having a Zoom birthday party instead of our usual extended family coming to celebrate her big day.  My point is that our old ‘habitual days’ are gone.  The question is what will we replace them with? 

We have and can replace our old habitual ways with healthy meals cooked at home; with quiet time for thinking, praying, meditating; with outdoor walks, hikes and biking.  With the realization that the benefits of this society have been uneven, let each of us stand on behalf of all groups that have had to do with less – less access to food and shelter; less access to healthcare; less access to their right to vote;  less protection from the police; less mental health support; less opportunity to learn; less clean air and water.  My hope is that in the coming years more Americans stand up and fight for righting all these ‘less than’ situations.  We all will benefit if a more secure community approach to protecting everyone is created; if a food supply that is more plant based and organic becomes the norm for urban, suburban and rural residents; if standards for clean air and clean water are established and enforced; and if universal healthcare is established for all citizens of our country.

As we work to create the world we crave for others, what are you doing to create the world you crave for yourself and your family?  There are many tools out there that individual use. I recommend the writing of the Templates of the Language of Creation.  These Templates support us in moving out of our historic habits and identity as we write life-enhancing, life-generating phrases about whatas we crave, what we crave being.  They help us redefine words so that we not triggered by society’s definitions thru Craving what and Craving what being Templates.  Then we create matrixes that support our Self opening up to MORE thru the Craving the metapoint Template.  By this time, we have transformed the energy caught in old trauma into life giving energy that supports our craved world coming into matter.  The last two Templates focus on being the action of Creation and creating new etheric templates of what we crave in the world and moving that etheric template down into the physical.

We know that this present reality is that many structures are collapsed and cannot function in the original nature of their original design.  They do not support life.   They do not evidence that basic truths of unity which are Everything is part of everything else; Everything is operating on behalf of everything else; Everything is moving to the next greater whole.

Yet you have a memory of when these collapsed structures did function in these truths.  You know that this is true because if you did not have a memory of that unity state, you would not crave it. My question to you is this – Do you spend your time trying to fix these collapsed systems or do you bring the etheric template of its original design back into earth?   I recommend the latter and I use Template 7 to create the etheric template of what I want to embody.  In this Template, you are your G.O.D. creating a structure in the etheric and then bringing it down into the physical.  Because I want my etheric template to operate strongly in my world,  I then unpack this further by writing all the earlier Templates to give my Template 7 a  strong base so that it can stand strong in the physical.  It’s like what is needed to support a skyscraper like the Empire State Building.  That structure requires three square blocks of structure below ground to support the building.  You can support your Template 7 coming fully into the physical by unpacking all the templates below it.  How do you do that?  After writing Template 7, you first write your Observing Creation Exercise.  Then you write Template 6 Creation Exercise and its Observing being  Creation Exercise.  You continue writing Templates 5, 4, 3, 2 & 1.  As I finished Template 1, I could sense the etheric template coming into my field and my body.  Wow! Is all I can say!

When we stand in our Sovereign Nature of Being aligned with Creation we hold a field where Everything is part of everything else; Everything is operating on behalf of everything else; Everything is moving to the next greater whole.  Our field then impacts everyone around us.  So by moving into greater alignment with Creation and your own Sovereign Nature of Being, you also help change the world.

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