Day Two with Lough Gur


We left Bruff after breakfast to visit Lough Gur or the ‘Lake of Cranes’.  There is a museum and park where we could climb the 100 steps and get a magnificent view of the Lake and a nearby mountain.  I immediately I became present to someone from the past climbing the hill to call in the dawn. One of the group mentioned that legend has it that there was a village where the lake now stands, and I saw the houses and the lights coming on in the valley that is the lake, as the man on the hill called in the dawn.  Coming down off the hilltop, we walkedd past the ruins of ancient villages.  As Kea, Sahere and I stood inside one such ruin, it became clear to us that this had been our home once in another lifetime.

We then drove over to the stone circle of Lough Gur.  We donned our rain boots and our ponchos and walked around and into this ancient stone circle which was at least 50 feet wide.  People laid against the stones and in the middle of the circle.  Everyone was able to voice what they heard in that sacred place.

Our final destination for the day was Dingle which is a tourist/fishing town on the southwestern coast of Ireland.  Shortly into that trip,  we stopped at a garden that a couple created like it was a fairy village,  complete with fairy houses and condos.  It was darling and gave us a place to just sit and talk together before we said our goodbyes to Brigid P, our friend from the Spirals.

Our drive to Dingle took most of the day and during a stop at a shopping center, I was able to buy a poncho which had become a necessity for this trip.

The next morning, the 15th, we set out to find a place to hold our second ceremony with Fiona.  We finally found a place on the shore of Tralee Bay near OldCastle. Each time we do this ceremony the energies coming down into us get stronger.  After the ceremony I call in the matrixes of support for Ireland and I have begun to call in the Tuatha de Danann. Celine had discovered that there were some ancient stones on the grounds of a private school that had once been the private residence of a government official. The stones all had ancient languages written on them.  There were about six stones and they all had different and strong energies. In late afternoon, we headed back to Dingle, which is well known for its resident dolphin, Fungi. Sarah so wanted to communicate with Fungi that she donned a wetsuit and went to the bay in the late afternoon. While Sarah didn’t see Fungi, she got quite a communication with it.  Me, I stayed warm in our room. .

The group had earlier decided that we all wanted each of us to have a Triscle pendant, which is an ancient symbol found through Europe.  It is three spirals connected to each other.  The Celts gave great significance to things coming in threes as do we, for example, mind, body spirit; past present future; birth death rebirth.  We found one we liked in a jewelry store in Dingle.  Now not only do the five of us each wear one, we have bought others for other members of our group that would arrive later and for several of us, for our daughters.