Ennis & the Burrens

On Sept 16th, we headed out from Dingle with our destination being Ennis, which is an inland city on the west coast of Ireland.  A good friend of Celine’s met us there – Mary O’Halloran. Mary guided us on a tour of ancient Coptic sites near Ennis. We felt the energy of the key lines and of an ancient spring and burial site. We stopped for dinner at a pub in the Burrens area.  There was a large wake reception happening and Mary kept pointing out the people that she knew. It was the first time that I got what it meant to be ‘of the land’. Mary’s family and these mourners’ families had lived in that area for hundreds of years.  This is so different from the states where most of us have lived in many different places over our lifetime. I really felt in my body what it meant to be part of the land and for the land to claim the people in that way as well. As we sat waiting for our order, I sent a prayer to the Tuatha de Danann to bless these people in their grief.  Immediately we all felt a golden energy shower come down over us. This was my first big aha that I was in active connection with the Tuatha de Danann. They weren’t just my own mind chatter, but a group of Beings wanting to be in connection with me.

As we were leaving an older Irish man came over to encourage us to go to the matchmaking festival that was occurring that weekend.  Don’t know if he was hoping that we would meet him there, but on the way back to Ennis, someone headed in the direction of the Matchmaking Festival knocked our side view mirror off.  Needless to say Celine had to spend time the next day arranging a pickup of parts in Galway.

The 17th was a day of shopping for some and doing laundry for me.  Late in the day Mary took some of us to the Cliffs of Moher.  They have built a large visitor center for all the background and historic information.  Then we got to climb the hill to actually see the Cliffs of Moher. It was rainy and windy and still very impressive.  With my poncho catching the wind, I had to hold the sides in to me so I wouldn’t be pushed around too much. Afterwards, as a treat, we drove thru the small town of Doolin that is on a peninsula below the cliffs and we got to do a little retail therapy.  It is one of those places that inspired me to come back in the summer and spend a week just ‘being’ there.