Dreaming the Future

We, who have been awaiting the transformation of the earth and her peoples, we are many.  We came into this world to shift the consciousness of humanity so that humans could again be aware of and revel in their unique and essential nature.  So that all species could be connected in unity and balance, and that harmony would prevail.  Instead, we got caught in the consciousness of separation which is the limited reality prevalent in western society.   We forgot our oneness and our uniqueness.  We thought that we were alone and not needed in the world.  Sound familiar?

Many people are pushing beyond the separation to swim in the Mind of Creation creating in their dreams the world that is desired.  The Mind of Creation is a living field and it is moving through us right now.  Open to your dreams and state the dreams out loud.  So that you hear the rightness of them for all. So that Creation/God/Goddess can hear what you crave for your future, for humanity’s future, for the earth’s future.

I dream for my own good health and for everyone else’s as well.  I dream that we all have everything that we need and want.  I dream of having an impact on the world.  Most strongly I dream of a changed world for my grandchildren to grow up in.   I want their world to be one where they are supported in growing their unique and essential natures in their home, their communities and their schools.  I dream that they get to give to the world in the highest ways that they want, and that they get to dance in joy in the waters of our oceans, on the mountains, in our forests and deserts, and in our valleys.    Their future world has clean water and clean air and a balanced environment so that all species…human, trees, plants, animals, birds, insects etc. are connected to each other’s wisdom and work together to benefit all.

We define our own future by the dreams that we are willing to dream and the steps that we take to achieve those dreams.  What is your dream?  What dream is pushing you to go beyond the everyday?  What dream would inspire you if you believed that it might actually be possible to manifest?  You first have to dream your dream or you will never take the first step towards manifestation.

We must take the first step if we are to make progress towards our dreams.  The future of all our grandchildren, yours and mine, born and unborn, it unfolds as we take the steps toward our dreams.  So what steps are you willing to take so that your grandchildren and the grandchildren of all the earth’s species, will live in the world of our dreams?