For You, With You, By You

‘For You, With You, By You” these words came to me in a meditation just after I had been wondering about the abundant world that I had been shown in a meditation just the day before. But I get ahead of myself, let me move back several days to set the context of this phrase.

Most of this year, my mind has been in a quantum state which essentially meant that it was not able to plan or write. Yes I could take care of the normal functioning of life, yet there was no sense of me being able to plan for the doing for my business or for my life. It was like my brain was a vacant space that I could not force to think or plan. Then Covid 19 ‘shelter in place’ happened. This vacant still mind didn’t shift except I began to wonder about the value of a life that did not connect with others or produce something. I understood that I was not and could not force this state of stillness and openness in my mind. My sense was that everything that I had been doing, was not necessarily what I was supposed to do in the future. I had to wait until the answer appeared. I sense that the answer is ‘For you, with you, by you”.

Years ago I had experienced a phenomena of wanting to create a course or take a class and then hearing internally “you can, but you won’t use it”. I ignored this message because I wanted to take the class or create a course. Afterwards I found that indeed I hardly used the skills from the class in my professional life and when it was a course I created, well those ran several times and then there were no registrants. Humm.

So when this quantum mind became how my mind was every day, then I knew that I just should surrender and not fight the stillness and allow that right now is not the time to be a doer either about my present or my future. It was frustrating to be put it mildly not just for myself but also for my friends who wondered when I would return to my old self.

The good and bad new is that I won’t return to my old self. The good news is that I now know I am becoming more of whom I came here to be. I am recognizing my value in my just being. That is not something that I would have even imagined before. The harder news is that I must continue to listen, to observe, to go into meditation and to be open to what is arising around me. To absorb the energies arising and to liberate all the old dissonant energies and stories from my body, my Spirit, my Field.

So what does this phrase ‘For you, with you, by you’ mean to me? As I said in the beginning of this story, this phrase had come to me in the context of several images that had been reoccurring for me in the past week. The first image was of trying to pull myself out of a black thick sea onto a craggy rocky mountain. I related this image to my feeling of being pulled down by my old expectations and judgments. I could physically feel the pull of these black waters and wondered if I could yet again pull myself out of them.

Then a few days after this black sea image appeared, the second image came in as a continuance of the first image. I saw myself struggling to pull myself out of the black sea and onto the rocks. Then this yellow/white band of light just plucked me up and put me up on the rocks above the water. The black sea couldn’t touch me. I looked up and saw that I was on the side of a tall mountain. I could barely see the top of the mountain and what I did see was just rock. I wished that I was on the top of the mountain. Then another band of light picked me up again and again until I stood on the top of the mountain looking down at its rocky flanks and the sea far far below. I wished that the mountain had earth and living things on it. I then heard, ‘turn around’. I did and below me there was a green verdant land that stretched beyond my sight. My heart jumped with joy. I just knew that it was the world that I have been craving for so long. . Where all Beings and all humans on this planet were living in unity on this planet, that all were held as unique and essential Beings and treated as such. My heart flew open and I cried in joy that this was really happening! I was filled with joy the rest of the day. My experience of my life changed with that image. I know in my deepest knowing that the world that we crave is coming in right now for humanity to claim as their own. I physically feel that humanity is indeed in a new Spring.

For You

The next morning, just after I closed my eyes in meditation, I heard, “for you, with you, by you”. I knew that this world of unity had been created ‘for me’ by higher dimensional Beings, by my God, my Goddess, my higher Self. I love that I am cared for in this way, that we all are cared for in this way. Creation wants me to be happy. My cravings just guided the way.

With You

Then the ‘with you’ phrase had me take a deep breath. I created this new vital world with them as a co-creator of beauty, truth, harmony, balance and proportion. I walked with these other dimensional Beings side by side. Not the old ways of a supplicant but as an equal. We walk with the Gods but we don’t believe it. I am starting to believe it now.

By You

Finally the ‘by you’ phrase. Yes, I did it. I created the new reality thru my commitment to humanity; by writing my cravings (using the Language of Creation templates) for this new world for the past five years; by believing that I could co-create with my God/Goddess; and by believing that all humans have this capacity. Humans have forgotten what they are. Humanity somehow was convinced that they were less than their original design. They even forgot that there was an original design for humanity where we co-created a world of unity and diversity, of love and respect for each Being on this planet and in the Universe.

For You, with You, by You

“For you, with you, by you ” translates into my purpose now. To Be whom I came here to be and do what I came here to do and walk with my God/Goddess as we recreate paradise on earth. To work for me, for you, for humanity so we all hold only that which is resonant for us. To walk with you as we co-create a new reality for earth, and to stand in awe and gratitude as you/we/humanity create the world that we have craved for so long.