This is a continuation of the story of our viaggio that took one month and many dimensions of experience.  On Sept 25, 2018, we left one world and entered quite a different one when we flew to England and came to Glastonbuy.  In Ireland we drove in a van every night and stayed in different B&Bs.  We were in touch with cosmic Beings in our work with Fiona and with ancient Beings alive in a culture that wasn’t at all jarred by their appearance. 

Now Glastonbury brought us to a connection to nature in ways that we had not fully expected.  We stayed on a field that Kea owns with local people who own a permaculture farm.  They had established a ‘off the grid’ retreat complex of tents, a teepee, old caravans for sleeping;  compostible toilets for pooping; trees for peeing; lovely hot showers in outdoor units;  and an outdoor kitchen to satisfy at least one meal a day.  We were their first guests so we all got to test the facilities so to speak.  Sahere and I got the teepee!  Each sleeping unit had regular mattresses and a small stove as well as hot water bottles to warm our feet at night.  What no one expected was that there would be the first frost of the season while we were there – translated that means several nights in the low 30s.  Makes for a quick pee in the middle of the night, I can tell you that! 

The days were focused on trips to Stonehenge, Avebury,  and Glastonbury where the red springs, the white springs and the Tor gave us deep insight into what has connected Kea to this area for so many years.   Kea had arranged that multiple taxis would  be our tranportation when we were there.  On our first day, this caravan of taxis drove us several hours to  Stonehenge and then Avebury.  Stonehenge has a modern visitor center with expositions, a large store, the ticket center and transport to the actual site.  On entering the actual site with the Stones, I was filled with a deep soul ache for honoring the land in ceremony.   It felt like an ancient memory that longed to be fulfilled again.  There is a wide circular path around the stones where we could easily sense the ley lines and the power of nearby stones.  So people didn’t notice as we stood and experienced the energies and exchanged energies with different stones that sometimes were 30 feet away from us.  Only one stone was within about 5 feet of this path and one member of our group actually jumped the low fence to touch that stone.  I was fine with just exchanging energy with it!   Holley,  a friend of Kea’s and a leader of tours of the area, gave us a perspective of the site and what to pay attention energetically. 

After Glastonbury, we visited Avebury where the stones are accessible to touch and lay on.  The stones are in fields in the middle of town with trees and sheep (including sheep poop – watch where you step and sit (: – throughout.  The stones are not in any recognizable circle yet held great power.  Holley said that this is site focused on feminine energies, and it was very discernable when communicating different stones.  It felt very nurturing.  I leaned up against one stone and saw, in my mind’s eye, a stone tool carved with symbols creating a matrix of lines in my heart.  Opening it up I assume.  One stone told me that I had been here before, asksing for it to heal my  aching heart.  Obviously another lifetime with a continued connection in this one.   This is a site that I would love to return to and spend time just connecting and being nourished by the energies here.

One of outcomes of being in this ‘off the grid’ campsite was not being able to get our phones charged as the only available electricity was turned off at night.  Consequently we had a few hours here and there where we could charge them.  Not all outlets carried the same amount of eletricity and sometimes that meant little to no charging went on.  I definitely decided that ‘off the grid’  lifestyle would not be mine to do for the rest of this lifetime! Though the phone issue was minor compared to the cold nights and the compostible toilets.

The next day we visited Glastonbury.  We toured the Abbey, Red Springs, White Springs and the Tor.  The Abbey was built on top of the black springs, better known as the Crone springs and the area where the priestesses of Avalon had lived and worked.  The catholic church was fond of taking power places and building on top of them, and the Abbey was an example of this practice.  The abby was probably 50 feet tall with spires and arches.  Not much is left except some walls and arches.  It seems that Henry the 8th had it dismantled as a way to strip power from the Catholic Church.  His men took all the wealth, the tiles on the roof and made sure that it could never be the seat of power for the Catholic church again.  He even had the Archbishop killed.  I felt like that wasn’t too bad as the church had taken it over from the priestess of Avalon, so it seemed fine to me.  This feeling deepened as we investigated the black spring and the women’s chapel that had been in the basement of the Abbey.  The black spring is covered with a hard plastic cover seemingly to discourage people from putting offerings in it.  It feels like it is screaming to breath again.  At least now it gets sunlight which it never did as the structure of the Abbey had been built over it.  A number of our group connected to the spring and provided her with energies from ourselves and our other practices.

The women’s chapel called about seven of us to spontaneous ceremony directing energies around the altar and in the space.  It was an automatic unspoken ceremony that brought peace to the area.  Several other women noted the shift they experienced in front of that area after our spontaneous movement.  In the days of the Abbey, that area was where women left tokens asking for support.  Elsewhere on the site of the Abbey, I was most drawn to a powerful stone that looks quite inconsequential.  It was placed just at the back of the cookhouse.  It is about three feet wide and about two feet deep.  It has an indentation in the middle almost like a seat.  This stone was once where the seeress of Avalon connected and were given guidance.  Evidently it has been placed in various places on the grounds of the Abbey and this is is present placement.  Several of us spent time sitting on the stone.  My experience was one of exeriencing an immediate opening into the earth  and an exchange of information and energies occurred.  Again, the feminine nature of this place is still present and active.  Everyone who sat on that stone experienced a connection. 

The other two springs in Glastonbury are much more cared for.  The Red Springs flows in a garden atmosphere.  You have to pay to gain entrance and it is worth it.  The spring must have iron in it as there are deep red stains where it pours out of a Lion’s face and down a trough of cold cold water.  We could wade in it and was very refreshing.  The white springs is enclosed in a building so the spring herself flows from a pipe into several ‘baths’ inside a dark space lit only by candles.  There are several volunteers who maintain this site and its many altars which are powerful.  The building encasing the white spring was created when the city of Glastonbury sought to use this spring as its municipal water source.  This was a short lived experience as the calcium from the spring caused the pipes in town to get clogged.  The town then connected to another water source but never took the building down.  Kea owns a cottage that sits on the roof of the spring called Wellhouse Cottage.  It is a sweet cottage with two bedrooms and a kitchen and bath.  It’s a hard one to live in though as the energies of the spring can be felt pushing up thru the floor.  The goals for the white springs is to get sunlight access for the spring someday and to keep the area more accessible to regular folk as there are homeless who have taken up regular residence in the spring building.  They were not there when our group visited and the women bathed in the cold spring water.  There is something absolutely beautiful about naked women by candlelight bearing witness to this crystal clear spring by bathing in her waters. 

The next day was devoted to the building of a spiral on a field nearby where we were camping.  Crotalo from Damanhur led the process with 40 people (men, women and children) each touching every stone as we passed them to Crotelo who placed them in the spiral.  For the first time in the history of sprial making of Damanhur, a large crystal ball was placed in the center of the Spiral.  It was the 300 pound obsidian ball that had been in Tantra’s garden in Grass Valley California.  That ball had been a gift to Tantra from Kea.  When Tantra moved out of her home she regifted it to Kea who had it shipped to Glastonbury.  The stone arrived in fine shape but was injured by a local whoffer who was on drugs at the time it is believed.  The damage can be seen and it is yet unknown the ultimate impact on the structural integrity of the stone.  Yet, in walking the spiral, then laying hands on that stone, I could feel the power of it intact.  It takes the grief and sadness out of people.  It can take souls too weak to return to the heavens.  It made this sprial uniquely powerful for all who walked it that day. 

Our last day was filled with a Communication with Plants class offered by Crotalo of Damanhur.  It was held on a farm that is committed to bringing urban children for an experience of nature and farming.  They camp on the grounds, get to connect with nature and with some ponies.  We got to connect to a specific tree that drew us to it.   Mine was a Hawthorne just a walk up the hill from the classroom. 

Our last day was our ‘free’ day.  We could have a healing, go shopping or have a lazy packing day except Sahere and I as our teepee needed to be used by one of the healers. Some people got massages, or Shitazu sessions or readings from Crotalo.  A group of five of us went into town for an afternoon of retail therapy.  For myself, I also got a Sun Journy session with Kati Sivula (   She and I met at the Abbey and settled in on a bench overlooking the ruins of the Abbey.  It had been threatening rain earlier and as soon as the reading started the sun came out.  It was a most amazing journey, during which  I experienced the heat of the sun burning in my sacrum and for days afterwords that heat moved up into my spine and my spine ached as it hasn’t for years.  We connected to the earth and went up to the Sun in some sort of ship and were greeted there by the Guardian of the Sun.  Soon after I appeared as ether, then as an ocean.  It seems in one of my multidimensional forms, I have gained mastery of the elements on earth.  I work with the Moon and hold the axis of the earth stable so that she can go thru her next recursions.  There was energetic work on both the left and right side of my brain, my third eye and  my crown chakra.  I was given an attunement of golden light that permeated my cells.  

Finally a three hour drive took us to London for our flight to Milan Italy.  We arrived in Milan after dark, met up with several new people and were sooo happy to sleep indoors with indoor plumbing!!!