Grianan at Ailigh and Hill of Tara

9.20.18  In a jewelry store in Clifden, we found a larger Triscle pendant that some of us wanted, so more retail therapy was in order before we headed out to Bandoran, which is further north up the coast of Ireland.  We met up with Henry, another of Celine’s friends, and what a knowledable man he is.  He took us to a Fairy Glen in the midst of rain so rainboots, ponchos etc were our dress as we walked into this magical glen.  I saw a flash of something behind Celine and instinctively bowed to the someones who were looking out at us from the crevices in the rock walls.  I yearned to come back to this glen in the summer and to sit at the base of tree for an afternoon just reading in the midst of those energies.  Anne let us know that this glen is actually private property and everyone should ask for their permission to enter.  Since I have no idea about how to find that magical place again, that codicil is there for those who seek to be in this magical place.

9.21.18 Today we stayed at the Great Northern Hotel which was once the mainstay of family vacations in Ireland for the well to-do.  We got a great deal as we experienced just a smidgen of that ‘proper’ life. Breakfast in a large dining room with waiters! Our next major site to hold ceremony in was Grianan at Ailigh.  It is a round circle structure which looked like a fort, built of layered rock and probably 50 feet across. It’s walls are intact and about 20 feet high. It seemed to be built for sacred ceremony and was the only ancient site that we visited that was still intact.  Sahere was present to that it was here that the Tuatha de Danann would come from the underworld and commune with the people. It was a windy windy rainy cold day as we completed the last of the fourth star gate activations at this site.

9.22.18 We had two sites that were still on our list.  Glencar Waterfall and the Hill of Tara. Glencar Waterfall can tremble your soul.  While it surely isn’t the highest waterfall that I have ever seen, its’ sound reverberated within me so deeply.  We all lingered a long time at that viewing station. We wanted to get to the last site that we had committed to visiting on this viaggio, so we drove several hours to visit the Hill of Tara where the kings of Ireland were crowned.  It is a public site and didn’t carry the energies that I thought would be there. I felt anger when I saw groups of tourists just standing on one mound. It felt sacrilegious, so I knew that part of my Being connected to the deeper energies of this site.   We witnessed the merger of the red and white when a newly wed couple came into the grounds to get their wedding photos taken. She was in white with a red bouquet and the groom had a red visit. This is significant to us as Kea is involved in the white and red springs in Glastonbury.

We did two small ceremonies at the Hill of Tara.  The first was to reconnect the ring forts to their galactic counterparts.  Ring forts were made of either stone or raised earth in circles.  Their width seems to vary and they can be singular or in multiples.  Evidently there were 45,000 built in Ireland.  Fiona sent us a transcript of the prayer that she spoke as we did the activation.  What struck me in her prayer was that the ring forts’ original purpose was to link Gaia to her Galatic family.  That these forts had been muddied with energies associated with human struggle for survival and our simple activation helped liberate these structures from that weight and reconnect them to their celestial counterparts.   As we played our role in the activation, it seemed to me that we were simply responding to a Mother Earth’s house cleaning as she is opening herself back up fully to her next level of recursion of wholeness.   Our second ring fort activation actually occurred on our last day in Ireland on a farm near to Anne’s home.  It involved climbing over fences and scrambling up old rings that were interlaced with each other.  It was our last gift of gratitude for all that Ireland gifted us on this viaggio.

Our second ceremony at the Hill of Tara had to do with the old trees in the church yard there.  Damanhur has a practice of linking trees up throughout the world and it is called tree orientation.  It is used to bring a tree into that network of trees worldwide.  Well, we stood around the oldest trees in a circle and passed the tree orienter from person to person three times.  I know that trees are magnificent holders of memory and thru their root systems they hold common memories of places and time.  For me this activation is an honoring of their function and an assist in helping  them to connect with the wisdom of other trees on other continents.  Hopefully their remembering will help humanity remember what it truly was designed to be.  For my part I remembered all the trees that I have orientated in Hilo Hawaii and my heart went out to them in love and appreciation, as I participated in the orientation of these trees on the Hill of Tara.  Later we found out that these trees had also been oriented by Crotalo of Damanhur.