How Do We think what We Need to Think

How do we think what we need to think? Our thoughts are neural networks encoded in our three brains over our lifetime. The emotions and physical sensations associated with those networks are likewise embedded in those networks.   Those neural networks and glia cells hold everything that we think is real and how we should act in the world.  All that information, all those beliefs, all those perspectives come from our family, our culture, our religion, our country and our experiences of this lifetime.  They frame how we experience our world and the way that we come to the moment, to life.

 “…human beings think they are their thinking. They think their thoughts are their thoughts. You do not realize your thoughts are thoughts born of cultural structures that leave you trying to fix ‘you’, not your thought patterns.” Tantra Maat

If everything in your brains is historic information/beliefs given to you by your family, your religion, your culture, how do know what is your own truth…about yourself, about your place in the world? What are your own possibilities, what is your calling or what are those niggles to be or do differently?  Do you need to create different ways to come to being with others, to being with nature, the land and the earth? Just doing the same thing or thinking the same thoughts will not give you a different future.

So, how do you know how to think differently, how to be differently?  How do you come to the present moment differently, to create new ways to act in the world?    You start with this recognition that your thoughts are not your thoughts. This gives you the perspective of asking…is this really what I believe?  What information/perspective am I not aware of?

Next, what do you note about about your society?   On a larger scale, what do your historic beliefs say about our institutions, are they sustainable for coming generations?  Or if that doesn’t seem supported with evidence, how can you be part of identifying and creating a new more sustainable future for your self, for your family and for humanity?  Many authors are speaking to this need now.  I am reading Charles Eisenstein and Tyson Yunkaporta.  Both these authors predict that our western society is not capable of having a sustainable future as it presently operates.  Start with reading these authors to stimulate your thinking.

Reading other sources of information is a starter to opening your mind to the more that is actually present. Then add ‘being with others’ to your search,  I suggest that you take the time to be in conversations with others to investigate perspectives different than your own.  These partners in conversations should be equally dedicated to discovery and non-judgment.  If they are stuck in historic and/or judgmental positions, then they are not the partners that you seek.  You don’t have to agree with these conversation partners. You are with them to broaden your own awareness and find how your perspective shifts or expands.

This search through reading and conversation helps your neural networks to expand and connect to these new pieces of data.  That makes them a more flexible network where choosing to respond is now possible. In the past, if your neural network was limited, there was only reaction.  With more branches and connections, your neural pathways are numerous.  You can take a breath and make a choice for what is the most life-sustaining option for you.

I discovered almost 8 years ago that there is one tool that supports me in this process of increasing the diversity of my neural network connections, the Templates of the Language of Creation.  When I use the Templates to write my Creation Exercises, I am deepening my search for my own inner wisdom and my connection with Creation/Source.  This happens for every writer of their Creation Exercises.  The Templates only demand that we write life-generating, life-enhancing phrases.  Just writing one Creation exercise results in over 16 life-enhancing phrases connected to that one Craving.  16 life-enhancing phrases now embedded in our neural networks as part of one Craving.  The Observing Templates help us stop our looping thoughts and emotions and help us see with clarity where we truly are in the moment.

The Language of Creation’s Templates give us access to our real thoughts of our Original Design and access to the personality within which those thoughts exist.  There are new energies coming into earth at this time.  They are here to help us in our search for our Original Design and our deeper connection to Creation. Many of us are shifting out of our historic personalities and becoming more of whom we came here to be.  We each are part of this body of humanity which is on the verge of restoring the wholeness of their Original Design and birthing their future Selves. (to learn more about the Language of Creation, go to The Language of Consciousness Institute provides support for learning and using the Templates in your life.

Our journey to discover our larger Self, our Being whom we came here to be, doesn’t end with reading a couple of books or having a couple of conversations or from writing a couple of Creation Exercises.  These are ongoing activities over time during which we observe what is shifting in our lives.  How are we coming to life differently?  How are we being differently?  What impact is our shifting behaviors having on others?  What are we willing to be?  What are we willing to commit to on behalf of a better future for ourselves and coming generations?

Over time, we shift out of our historic thinking and our historic habits.  We start walking our talk, the being and thinking of our Original Design.  We welcome being part of creating a new sustainable reality for future generations.  Take the first step today!  Welcome to the miraculous journey of the rest of your life!