I Had A Dream

Martin Luther King is not the only person to have a dream.  We all have dreams for a better or different life.  Sometimes our dreams are not just for us individually but also for a gender/race/religion/society that we part of.  We have all seen these group dreams of creating a better society for everyone as evidenced in the marches, the sit-ins; as in so many women and minorities choosing to become a legislator; by the choices of others to support these new candidates; and by all those who stepped up to volunteer to help those in our communities that have less and need more.  We all wish that our society would change overnight, and it is so frustrating to see that so much more still must be done.  These dreams involve systemic change, not just our one action but many who choose action, involvement, to dream larger than ever before. In the 1960’s and 70’s, I had hoped that my daughter and my future granddaughters could have more opportunities to do the work they loved, that their choice about their body would be theirs to make, that they would be safe in our larger society and their workplaces.  Today those dreams of mine are not guaranteed for them.  My granddaughters now range from ages 3 to 7.  They are held in safety now in loving homes, but I fear that they will not be protected by our government for how they are treated or how they are respected.  I still dream for a life for them where their gifts are nurtured so that they can be all that they came here to be.  I still dream this for all children, and it takes many people’s efforts to make this happen.  My dreams include eliminating childhood poverty; providing quality education for all preschoolers; making healthcare available to all and getting the Templates of the Language of Creation into the school systems.  Like learning how to fish, I believe that teaching children how to use this tool will empower them to create the reality where their gifts and talents are supported and respected.  These are dreams that include my personal action and my support of groups and legislators that support these dreams as well.  My dream is that all people are supported in living their gifts and talents so that they can give those back to our larger society.

There are other dreams that we dream that are about our individual lives.  Dreams about living what we came here to be, do, and have.  Both these kinds of dreams have driven me most of my life.  For as long as I can remember I have asked myself: How do we create a reality that supports others in being whom they came here to be?  How do I give what I came here to give to humanity and the earth?

My journey started with a wobble.  When I was 4, I liked to play ‘church’ and I was the priest giving the sermon. Just like other kids played school, I had my siblings and friends sit in rows and I would talk.   My dream was not about being a priest per se but more so wanting to speak my thoughts to others and to help others.  I still remember the day that a boy informed me that ‘only boys’ could be priests.  I was angry and hurt.  Why was I shut out so early of what seemed something that fit me?  Part of my reaction was feeling shut out and part of me feeling was ‘we’ll see about that!”.  I felt defeated before I even got started. Lastly it just felt so unfair. This was my first awareness that the genders were not treated equally.  I now see the impact on me as I do not remember playing ‘church’ after that. 

Then when I was seven, several events occurred which framed the rest of my life.  One evening at dinner, my father wanted to surprise the family with the novelty of a small tape recorder (before that time, tape recorders were huge bulky things with wheels of tape).  With the tape recorder hidden, he got everyone to talk some and I was more talkative than my norm.  In retrospect my siblings did not say much probably because they suspected that something was up. (At that point it was six kids and my Mom and Dad around the dinner table so there was not a lot of time for each person to share).  Then Dad surprised us with the recording that had been made of our dinner conversation.  I was ashamed of how I spoke about some friends and vowed never to speak in public again about anyone in that way.  I felt betrayed by my Dad who did not even notice my reaction.  The good news is that this experience kept me from being a gossipy girl but also it left me feeling that I had to be very careful with my words about others. I ended choosing to be an observer instead of jumping in and sharing with strangers. This made it hard for me to do the sharing of my thoughts with others that I have always wanted to do.

And then there was my father’s new book, Unidynamics, which he was starting to write.  He believed that everything in the universe is interconnected…all sciences, all nature, all religions, etc. and he was proving this hypothesis through formulas in physics.  He was fascinated with his discoveries around this hypothesis and talked about his ideas around Unidynamics during many dinner conversations starting when I was seven and for the next fifty years.  For the rest of my life, this premise became a basic assumption that I held about the world, that everything was interconnected. 

Dad’s Unidynamics theories aligned with my ‘church’ experience became a passion to support others in being whom they came here to be thru societal changes of gender/race approved roles and thru support of the individual in that search for themselves.  My questions have always been how could each human be more of their own unique self and how could I help myself as well as them in that process? These thoughts morphed into a career of helping others. I got a BA in Sociology then an M.Ed. in Human Development.  I loved discussions in college classes, but there was never a ‘how-to guidebook’ for making the world a better place or for making my life one that I loved.

Over 50 years of working with all age levels in education, in non-profits, in management, as a trainer and finally a healer and a spiritual mentor, I pursued these two goals.  I left each arena because I still was not able to give to others in a way that was resonant for me – that helped those who wanted to help themselves have the life they craved.  The closest I came to this was when I had a healing practice where clients came to me for physical, energetic, and spiritual healing.

Then in 2012, I discovered Tantra Maat through her book, Irish Tales of a Modern Mystic.  I realized that she had access to something that I wanted access to.  That maybe that access would resolve this search of mine.  She could see those other realities and I was sure that with her I could see the more of other realities that existed.  I never wavered from my Dad’s ideas about everything being interconnected.  I discovered that the Principles of the Field of Tantra Maat were an expansion of my Dad’s hypothesis and more… Everything is part of everything else. Everything is operating on behalf of everything else. Everything is moving to the next greater whole.  Her principles fit perfectly with my father’s ideas!  Then she introduced me to the Language of Creation, simple yet powerful word formulas that gave me a way to connect to my God/Creation and declare how I want my world and my life to be.  I experience them as magical. As I write my Creation Exercises, I discover my deeper wisdom and my deepest cravings. Frankly, I am always a bit surprised when they manifest in my daily life. I am both protective of their legacy and passionate about getting these Templates out to the public so that everyone can claim the reality that they want for themselves.   So that everyone can be their unique selves playing their essential role in our society.  These Templates offer the writer the power to create the world and reality that they crave.  I have taught the use of these Template to my mentoring clients and to students in the Language of Creation classes.  By writing their Creation Exercises, my clients took greater control of what they wanted for their lives.  My mentoring approach is ‘For you, with you, by you’.  I teach and heal; I walk with the client as they open up to their deeper wisdom; and I cheer them on as they lead their lives into their craved future.  This is the same approach that I use when I work with the clients of the LOC Institute.  

For myself, I realized that I did not have to live in a reality that is life-defeating.  In 2016, all my past work experiences and this search that defined my life coalesced into a job opportunity that I had to say ‘Yes!’ to.  In Feb 2016, I took on the leadership of the Institute, now known as the Language of Consciousness Institute.  In 2016, I led the first team of four LOC Teachers in both writing a new updated curriculum and in teaching the first four Templates of the Language of Creation. In 2020, with Tantra’s feedback and support, I wrote the Guidebooks for Templates 3-7 and co-taught with Tantra not just the ‘how to’ of each Template but more so the level of consciousness that each engenders. We are a team creating more ways that people can learn to use the Templates of the Language of Creation in their lives – to define and manifest all that they want for themselves and others in living the life-generating life-enhancing reality of their choosing.  It is my lifelong dream continuing to manifest as I co-create with others our mutual craved future for the use of the Templates and for the LOC Institute. 

Join me in this journey of creating the reality that you crave.  It is quite a journey and well worth taking that first step.

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