Learning to Listen Within

What does it mean to ‘listen within’?  What are you listening to?  Your body?  Your emotions?  Your mind? Your Spirit?  YES, you are listening to all of them!!

There is so much mis-information going on right now. People are confused and trying to get a solid footing about what is ‘true’. What many people lack is a way to verify within themselves as to what is true and what is not. We cannot depend on the outside world to verify this for us. What many of us have experienced is an inner niggle within us that keeps nagging at us. It seems to be telling us tells us to pay attention to something else. I call that paying attention to that inner niggle ‘listening within’.

We give our mental mind far too much control over what we decide is true or not.  After all our conscious mind only knows the history that we have experienced or been taught. It only pays attention to the reality that our society has told us exists. There is other sensory data that is transmitted from the body’s Enteric Nervous System (ENS) and our Spirit, and is experienced as sensations, sensitivities, imagination and ‘knowings’. In the western world, we were taught not to pay attention to this information, so even though it is constantly sent to our brain, it is not saved unless we consciously pay attention to it by ‘listening within’.

Our gut brain, aka ENS, is a more ‘present moment’ responder and can give us a feedback about what it true this moment vs what our brain can dig up about what was historically true or assumed. Old judgments of what a sensation meant for you are NOT valid today. So you have to begin to ‘listen within’ to figure out what the sensation means today.  Our gut and our heart respond to more in the moment and to more than our 3D senses can show us.  How do we begin that inner conversation? Well, one of the ways that I have found to be the most helpful is paying attention to these sensations, sensitivities and thoughts that arise.

Your confirmation of what is true for you are your Resonant Markers

If you know your own personal resonance markers, then you are clear about what is true for you no matter who or what is the source of the ‘fact’ or ‘direction’. Resonant markers are sensations and sensitivities experienced physically, emotionally, energetically or mentally. Once you recognize your own personal resonant markers, they become a consistent messaging system for you from your body that whether what is being heard or experienced is life-enhancing for you or not. In the Language of Creation course that I have taught thru the In Unity with Creation Institute, our students first learned to identify their personal resonance markers when they wrote what is life enhancing for them in the Craving exercises. They reported that they experienced physical sensations of expansion or flow, emotional responses, changes in breath or heart rate, words popping in – all which convey ‘this is right for me!” “this feels right!” (For a detailed list, see the end of the article) These exercises help us confirm for ourselves what are our personal resonance markers.  Overtime, we recognize their consistency and thus we begin to understand our inner language. Then, no matter what the situation, we have verifiable ways to know what is true for us, no longer depending on the veracity of others or of society, or on what had historically been true for us.

Listening to our bodies:

Your Enteric Nervous System, located in your stomach and intestines, sends messages to your brain (not the other way around). Why not listen to the originator of the response instead of an interpreter? When I listen to my body I am listening for resonance of that which supports life. I listen for the messages that my body wants to give me about how to best care for it. Sometimes it is when I am writing life enhancing phrases such as in the Creation Exercises, and other times it is when I am asking my body what is best for it in terms of care or support.

Listening to our emotions

Our emotions are often tied into experiencing resonance. Positive emotions tied to words popping in or a physical sensation, well, that confirms that we are ‘hearing’ what is truly right for us. When we experience an emotion vs think about an emotion, we credit the experience as far more valid. If the emotions are negative or life-defeating, these are states that, while informative, are not ones that we want to keep active in our system. They too are markers and are effective in showing us what ‘not to do’. I use the Observing exercises from the Language of Creation to help me move out of looping thoughts or negative emotions that won’t go away. We need to pay attention to our life-defeating emotions as information being given to us by our bodies. We don’t need to dwell in them.

There are many sounding practices that include ‘holding the end emotional state’ so that the vibration of the desired emotion is held in the body as one tones. In these sounding practices, participants report many of the internal experiences that our Language of Creation students do while writing their Cravings. This consistency in responses from people who are deliberately seeking what is life-enhancing for them, well it verifies to me that this ‘listening within’ is giving us a conscious personal recognition of what is our deepest alignment with our personal truth and knowing.

Listening to our Spirit

When I listen to my Spirit, I can find my way out of confounding moments.I experience an alignment with my Nature of Being. In that alignment, I become clearer about whom I came here to be. Those same markers of resonance appear and I am clear what is true for me. I believe that we all came as Spirit into our bodies, as energy into matter. We are here on earth to expand the reality of unity that nature lives within into the reality of separation that humans live in right now. Our life’s purpose is to be whom we came here to be, doing what we came here to do and have what we came here to have.

Life Purpose

For many, a question arises, how do I know my purpose? My answer: you figure out your life-purpose by getting clearer and clearer about what is life-enhancing for you; by becoming clear about what you value more than anything else about your life, about life on this planet and about humanity. Then it is consciously living those values. Your conscious understanding of your life purpose arises out of all of these. This does not happen magically overnight. It takes regular attention to the process. It takes a ritual of sorts. Ritual helps us remind ourselves about the connections that we value and want to grow, i.e. our connections to our larger soul, to that which created us, to the planet and her resources. Ritual is done on a regular basis and never missed. Ritual involves our inner intention and our outer attention to form. It is always done in time, i.e. done in some agreed time that you commit to with yourself and Creation/God/Goddess/Great Spirit.

One of the rituals that I use regularly is the writing of the Creation Exercises that were developed by Tantra Maat (The Language of Creation). These exercises help me define what what I crave for my best life and end up reminding me of my deepest intentions since the structure of the exercises mirrors the golden mean, which is the structure of how life is created on this planet. Choose your ritual and keep to it. That is how you become wiser and more skilled.

‘Listening within’ will ground you and give you back your strength of standing in your truth. ‘Listening within’ will bring you back to your connections with the planet, nature and other humans that may have been lost in this hustle-bustle, alternative-fact world. ‘Listening within’ will help guide you in your actions to create a new reality where we all work together to create a reality of unity, harmony and empathy. My advice is to spend time each day ‘listening within”.

Elektra Porzel offers individual coaching and spiritual mentoring.  To contact her for more information, go to our contact page. Elektra is also the Director of The In Unity with Creation Institute, which is committed to supporting others in the use of Tantra Maat’s Language of Creation .   To learn more about The Creation Institute’s Language of Creation program, go to www.iuwcinstitute.com/language-of-creation/.

List of personal resonance markers from students in the Language of Creation course

 “It just feels right!”

Physical sensations….

•       Goose bumps or shivers

•       A catch in your breath

•       A sensation in your gut

•       Dizzy or wobbly

•       Headache or pain in head

•       A sense of knowing

  • Changes in breath

•       Changes in heart rate

  • Bubbling up, tingling energy
  •    Flow of energy vertically and expansively
  •  Salivate, feel alive inside, feel sparkly

A  sense of expansion

An emotional response….

•       Tears

•       Excitement

•       Welling up of emotion

•       Energy running through you

•       A feeling of alignment or synching up

•       Joys, tears

 Mind responses

  • Words or phrases popping in your head

•       Mental clarity

•       Immediate recognition that spreads out from my gut and informs my body, mind and sprit.

•       Chimes with my inner knowing/longing

•       Moments of imagery, color, or insight words

•       Physical sensation from tension/relaxation, heat/cold to sensing of tears, fear, and calm/content

Phrases they used

  • “A positive emotional response, though the body is also involved in it.  I would call it expansion, occupying more space than usual. Sometimes the energy around me feels different.”
  • “I feel expanded and more connected and sometimes I feel stuck for a while. It varies.”
  •  “I feel a flow and then expansion and then the energy of the craving spiraling out.
  • “Emotion welling up, tears, a feeling of “Yes, this is true!” A feeling of relaxation, of letting go of struggle.”
  • “ It was mostly a felt sense that came first – then often there was a ‘getting it’ understanding, a knowing often followed by an emotion.”
  • “I totally feel the rightness of what I have written.  It just settles, lands and feels complete.  It reverberates or sends a vibrational signal to my whole body or solar plexus or heart.”   
  •  “I have observed needing to breathe more deeply into a relaxed state, constriction followed by expansion in my Solar Plexus, and a feeling of wellbeing wash over me like cool liquid light pouring down my spine.”