Life is Inherently Exuberant

“Life is inherently exuberant”.  Is that your experience of life?  It’s not mine.  Yet these are the words from bees in a book about bees called ‘Song of Increase’.  It’s author, Jacqueline Freeman, is a bee caregiver and channel.  She and the bees reflect on their society, the structure and care of their hives, their larger field of interest in the land around them and how they interact as a community.  I am deeply touched by the bees’ inter-related, interactive and symbiotic relationship not just within the hive but with the land around it. This book is a unique opportunity for each of us to get a glimpse of the values of unity that undergird the world of nature that we walk thru but do not recognize.

Humans are a narcissistic lot.  We think that our experience of nature is all that matters or is ‘true’.  Read the following excerpt to learn that there is so much more going on in nature than we can imagine. 

Let’s remember the unity that nature is creating and respect it.  Let’s work with nature as it can lead us on how to best garden and support the plants and land in our area.  Let’s stop shipping bees thousands of miles as if they were a mechanical tool.  Bees are substantial in maintaining the balance of plants, ores and elements within an area.  Let’s all respect that role and listen…to the bees, to our inner knowing, to the voices of nature and its spirits so that we can walk in co-creation with them.

“Within the spiritual realm exists principles that bring forth effects far beyond logic.  That doesn’t mean these effects don’t exist in the physical world; they just follow principles from another of the many realities that coexist in the natural world.

Such is the case with bees, flight and light.  Although logic describes bee wings as a surface area that displaces enough air to cause lift, bees fly using the concurrent system of levitation that allows the lift of elevation, movement through the air and descent.  Bees also have a unique relationship with light.  Their senses are keen to the many qualities light contains.  They see and understand light differently than humans.

Light is laid in layers. The closer to the ground, the more descriptive it is of how it fills the space between life forms.  It lies upon the surface of each life form and reflects an excitatory vibration describing that form’s sheath.  Beyond color, shape, texture and reflectivity, light also conveys, in another spectrum, the life force of the form.  Plants, animals, ores and elements convey their life force by engaging with the light through a wave that surrounds them.  The plant, for example, exerts an emanation that flows out beyond the plant’s surface and interacts with the air around it,

Life forms fulfilling their roles embody a joyful assertion of presence and functional productivity, of participation in life. This assertion emanates into the atmosphere surrounding the life form and shimmers the air around it.

Bees rely on seeing a plant’s life force emanation to know when the plant is ready to pollinate and gather nectar from, to know when a plant is most suited to our co-creative attentions.  The emanation is a visible signal of the plant’s success in fulfilling its role and apt progression through its life stages.  Bees gather pollen from these plants. Thus, we ensure that the most light-filled plants within our purview are pollinated and carry forth their seed to the next generation. 

Life is inherently exuberant.”

‘Song of Increase’ by Jacqueline Freeman. Pg 97-98, Sounds True. 2016.