Looking Back and Hoping for a Better Future

We are in the Fall of the year.  It is the traditional time of looking back over the past year and preparing for rest.  In the old days, we were finishing the harvesting of our crops for the year.  As the last of the crops were sold or stored, we would take time to celebrate our harvests, look at what needs to be changed for the coming year, and dream of the crops and activities for the coming year.  Then we would rest and prepare for the coming year.  In this day of constant year-round work, we don’t take time to look back and celebrate our personal and business success and/or our mistakes.  

Why should we take time to look back at this past year?

How does this looking back assist us?

What happens if we don’t look back in gratitude for the harvests of lessons learned? 

Hindsight is a powerful tool when we use it to specifically examine our response/reaction patterns to traumatic weather shifts, to behavior changes in ourselves or others.  When we look back, we can see when we got the first inkling of a shift/change and see where our responses were correct or when we were totally clueless, and our reactions got us in trouble or danger.  The difficulty of using our hindsight and applying that information to the future is particularly problematic in these days of high energy shifts on the planet.  There is less promise of consistency with the historic past and greater promise of the new arising unexpectedly. If we examine our inklings, which we call Sentient Intelligence, from the past year around our successes and failures, and then pay attention to that type of sentient information in the coming year, we will probably be more sensitive to those types of sentient information earlier and thus be better prepared to respond to next year’s unusual occurring.  We will be better able to roll with the new reality as it presents itself and land our feet, so to speak.

So, what is Sentient Intelligence?  It is the resonant language of creation that bonds all that exists into one cohesive whole. This is the intelligence when picked up on allows all of life to be a sensual, engaging, vital, and connected experience.  This intelligence is often experienced as sensations, emotions or energies running through the body.  These sensations can be life-enhancing or life defeating.  You may have experienced these as a sense of elation or an intuitive nudge, feeling sudden chills or maybe as a feeling of being sucker-punched, or a sinking feeling in your stomach. 

Our body/mind/spirit system has a sentient intelligence and its registers are both the same and different for everyone and they tend to be consistent for each individual.  We all receive information from our body about what is occurring both within the body and outside of it.  Our second brain, the Enteric Nervous System also known as the Solar Plexus, gathers this information from all our mind/body/spirit systems and sends this information to our brains thru the Vagus Nerve 24-7.  Sometimes the sensation is like one that we were aware of in our childhood. Sometimes it is just so different that we take note.  In any case, this ‘paying attention’ is a three-step process.  First, there is the paying attention to the present moment feedback from our body and not pre-judging its meaning.  Second, there is a checking in within as to what this sensation means.  This checking in includes observing more closely what is occurring around you or within you. Now, really ask ‘what does this sensation mean’? Our neural networks then expand their search for all possible connections.  This process will give you the information about what is occurring within and outside of you. It will tell you what your whole system wants you to be aware of. Last, there is choosing your response.  Yes, this is where choosing a response puts you in the driver’s seat.

If we do not pay attention to our personal registers for what is danger, or unwise, or unpredictable, we end up feeling like we are a punching bag.  Always the tail of the dog.  We also need to pay attention to our sentient intelligence markers for what is the right action or right path to take.  Our earth is shifting her dimensional energies dramatically. As a human who lives on and within the energy field of the earth, we are impacted.  We have a choice to build our ability to dance with these shifts, or to live in reaction and reap the consequences, or to just leave this planet.  Make your choice.

One of best opportunities to build your comprehension of your Sentient Intelligence markers, is in the writing of the creation exercises that Tantra Maat developed. When you write your creation exercises, you begin this conversation with your sentient intelligence and you are experiencing and learning to language your Nature of Being, your deeper wisdom and Creation.  As you search for words or phrases while writing your Creation Exercises, your system provided sensations, emotions, energies, even words popping into your head that just feel right. These are the registers or markers of sentient intelligence that I have been talking about. Over time, as you pay attention to these sensations, you will get to know how your system registers resonance, life-enhancing and life-defeating.  This is where creating your Sentient Intelligence Dictionary will really be helpful.  Write down in your Dictionary what you experience each time you write your Creation Exercise, especially noting any sensations, emotions or energies you feel.  In time, you will find that these resonant markers speak more clearly to you than any ideas your intellect may have about what is “right”.

That is how we learn to dance with the dramatic shifts occurring energetically on our planet earth. That is how we begin to trust to take a certain action or path. That is how we gain strength, stamina and capacity for being more of whom we came here to be.  This is how we create a better future for ourselves, our families and for humanity.  This is how we learn from our harvest and experience more trust and faith in the life-enhancing possibilities for the coming year.