My Thoughts about Our Bodies and Our Spirits

My Thoughts on Our Bodies and Spirits

I have thought about this body and soul relationship since I was in grade school when the nuns would talk about the body as the temple of the Soul. Even then I hesitated to buy fully into that statement. It seemed too much pressure on my young body and Spirit. The nuns used that terminology as a reminder of our responsibility to care for our bodies, but most importantly, that we should ‘be good’. Mind you, there was little health education in my grade school in the 50’s, just recess, gym class, and everyone getting polio shots together. We learned to memorize the catechism and the teaching seemed more about a generic Soul rather than accessing my personal Spirit. My experience was that it was more about responsibility than the joy of being in connection with my God.

As I aged, I have pondered and investigated this relationship. In the past few years, I have come to define ‘Soul’ and ‘Spirit’ as fields that are larger than just my own body. Just like the cells in the human body are unique and essential to the whole of the body, our individual Spirit is a unique and essential part of the Human Soul. Therefore the Human Soul holds all individual human Spirits. It is a ‘one for all’ environment. I extrapolated this from my experience of my clients’ bodies which was that their cells and organs were absolutely committed to the survival and thriving of their body. Each cell plays its role to the best of its ability for the survival of the body. Therefore, I believe that each human Spirit impacts the health and capabilities of the Human Soul. This in alignment with my experience of the ‘so above, so below’ relationship operating consistently everywhere on earth. Stated differently, the energetic relationships on earth mirror those in the heavens. I apply the ‘so above, so below’ relationship to the idea that each individual Spirit is an essential and unique aspect of both the Human Soul and their Sovereign Nature of Being. Their Spirit is that part of the Human Soul that resides in their body. Each individual’s Spirit is also part of their Sovereign Nature of Being, which is etheric; of a higher dimensional field than their 3D body; and that which brings its uniqueness of experience and capabilities into this body and this lifetime. As such, we exist energetically as a unique Spirit that is both part of the conglomerate Human Soul and our larger Nature of Being, which some people refer to their Higher Self, their divine nature.  It is also a ‘one for all, all for one’ environment. We exist in relationship to others in the field. We cannot live ‘whom we came here to be’ or ‘do what we came here to do’ without being in relationship with others in the field. Together, as one human soul, we move humanity to its next recursion of wholeness or into its extinction.

In my early adulthood, I wasn’t focused on the body’s function for the soul. It was mostly about eating whatever was considered healthy and especially being healthy while pregnant. Then in my fifth and sixth decades, I studied massage therapy, energy work, and cranial sacral therapy and used these skills in a healing practice for 15 years. I worked with not just the body, but also with the energy fields generated within and outside of the body as well as with Spirits and other energies connected to it. My experience began to be of the limitlessness of the energy fields and of the Spirits of my clients. One common observation was that most people seemed to have too much energy stuck in their bodies. I wondered, were they trying to contain their Spirit? Were they trying to hold on to energies generated in trauma? You know, the old ‘if I freeze, maybe I will stop the pain’ method of responding to trauma? I started thinking of the language that we use to reference this Spirit/matter connection, i.e. of the body as the house, temple, or vehicle for the soul. This led me down the rabbit hole that the English language limits not only our comprehension of the breadth and capacity of the human Spirit, as well as determining the degree of our constriction response to physical/emotional trauma. A human body cannot in any way hold a Spirit/Soul which, by our standards, is limitless. Additionally, we create more problems for our bodies by clamping down and holding onto the trauma energies. Our body’s health is compromised when we hold these trauma energies and emotions in the tissues. Our capability to experience our Nature of Being/our higher Self is compromised when we believe that our Spirit must be contained within our body.

What about this idea that the body is the ‘temple of the soul’? Frankly, that’s one analogy that starts a whole string of constrictive thoughts and body holdings. The word ‘temple’ connotes a building with walls and a roof. In the western culture, churches are the only place to contact God. Our brain then connects these beliefs and acts on that connection – to try and hold the entirety of our Spirit within our bodies so that we could protect our Spirit; to hold all the trauma energies within our tissues in hopes that it would not impact the whole body. Both these beliefs impact the body in exactly the opposite way. We cannot BE our Spirit unless we comprehend its limitlessness. We cannot be healthy if our bodies hold the constrictions and holdings of past traumas. As you can see, our languaging of these relationships has hurt humans, well at least English-speaking humans. My sense is that the body is more like one of the points of the matrix that is our Spirit, our Higher Self, that part of the Human Soul, our Nature of Being. That matrix is our unique and essential Self. Without that ‘temple’ analogy, we can think and therefore act on the belief that we are our Spirit embodied and that we do not contain our Spirit in its entirety. We act on the belief that we are both the Spirit and Flesh, Energy and Matter, the Infinite and the Finite, the Alchemical and the Biochemical. When we re-language this relationship of body and Spirit, then our bodies can relax and BE the Spirit without the mental constriction of thinking that our body must contain the whole of our Spirit, an impossible task.

Relieving isn’t it! Continuing with this train of thought about this whole Body/Spirit relationship, my sense of what is actually occurring became even more expansive. Some of my ideas rest within the framework of the limitlessness of our higher dimensional Self, our Nature of Being. Some also rest in the idea that linear time, as we experience it, is not the experience of our higher dimensional Nature of Being. Outside earth, there is no linear time. So let’s play with another concept of ‘time’, i.e. the concept that all ‘time’ is concurrent so that you are young, middle-aged and old simultaneously. That ancient Egypt, present time and future time actually exist simultaneously, impacting each other. Given that thought conjecture, our Nature of Being is a matrix of numerous bodies and lifetimes with each body existing as a specific exercise in interacting with humanity/the world in a specific format. I know that this can mess with our minds as per our individuality, but let it sink in. Let me walk you briefly thru my line of thinking. Let’s say that before you were born into this lifetime, your larger Nature of Being chose as an experiment to live in a certain family and place with certain skills and capabilities. Additionally, this Nature of Being could have chosen to incarnate in other families in similar or different linear time frames, so as to expand the learning experiences and ability to impact earth and humanity. In each lifetime, after birth, there is no memory of these intentional decisions. There are innate capabilities and capacities that we are not aware of and that impact the living of our lives. The experiment in consciousness begins. 

For 99.999% of people, there is no memory of our Nature of Being, our experimental parameters or even previous/concurrent lifetimes. So, now there is a beginning concept of ‘me’, an identity which begins to respond to what occurs around and within its body. Our thoughts and beliefs about living and our identity are directed/formed by the family, culture, church, society that we were born into in an interplay with innate capabilities and capacities. So, the ‘I’ begins to form and coalesce. This coalescing determines what we experience as our historic self. It determines how we approach the world and others and is set into our bodies and our energy fields.  We believe, that what others have told us about life, are our own thoughts. We think that our historic thoughts and habits are ‘us’, never to be changed. All these thoughts and beliefs are just not true. Our capability is to be more of whom we came here to be, to BE more of our Nature of Being. Interestingly, by being this ‘more’, we also increase our body/spirit capacity, coherence and strength.  What occurs early on in our lives does NOT have to impact how we respond to later events.

Then as each of us grows older in this linear time experience, we begin to think about the ‘why’ of living. Is it just to procreate and survive? Or is there some other purpose? For me, these questions required observation, research and trying on different practices (health, spiritual, energetic) to see if there was some other way to live this life that was more congruent with what I felt was humanity’s capabilities and capacities. Were there other reasons, some other purposes for our lives as a human on this earth? That is how I came to where I am now. After 60 years of asking these questions and deliberately trying on different practices, I am remembering and releasing early trauma patterns thru multiple tools, the most powerful of which are the creation exercises from the Language of Creation and the voice resonance work of Deepak Chari. I am manifesting my cravings for another experience of this life where the world is based more in unity than in separation. I am getting to know my Nature of Being and how it impacts my desires for a better world and the ‘me’ whom I came here to be. This ‘me’ is not my historic identity but something that no longer holds most of my old constriction patterns of body, thought, and emotion. I am living in a body over 70 years old and remembering all the advice about taking good care of it. I have done better than some and much less than others. Now I walk, I stretch, I mostly eat right. I pay attention to the larger purposes of this existence. Yes, in my younger years, I worked, I procreated, I raised children into good citizens and people. Yes, I am still asking my questions and now I feel that I have tools to keep me focused on getting the world and life I crave. I have friends that share this journey with me, which is a critical piece of the process of becoming more of whom I came here to be.

What I am very clear about is that my Sovereign nature of Being, my Spirit is limitless relative to my human body. This body is a matrix point for my Spirit, and my Nature of Being to do their work here on earth. We are one and this body does not fully contain these energetic fields. I am opening up to whom I came here to be and what I came here to do. It’s freeing for me to know that my Spirit flows thru me and I do not have to hold it within my body. With the expanse of its field, and its capabilities, my experience on earth is enhanced and expands as I am present to more and more of who I really am. Yes, my body is like a temple of old. It is a shared place of being with Spirit. It is within and surrounding this body that my God/Goddess resides and loves humanity and the earth. So, yes, dear Dominican sisters, I do agree with you that I should care for this body because thru it I experience my alignment with my God/Goddess. My embodiment of Spirit serves Spirit as it also serves humanity and earth. It feels so expansive and supportive to experience that I am both held within and hold within myself a sacred temple of old. That I can consecrate my life to be in alignment with my God/Goddess and the greater dimensional Beings that seek to save humanity and the earth for a greater wholeness and unity that is our birthright.   I am here on earth to enjoy this beautiful planet and to assist humanity to become all that these bodies and Spirits were designed to be…expansive, whole, Spirit and flesh, infinite and finite, energy and matter, living in unity with all life.