No One Said It Would Be Easy

No one said that it would be easy

In the arena of increasing our depth of consciousness or in seeking to be more alignment with our God/Goddess/Creation/Great Spirit, no one said that it would be easy.  And yet the illusion still holds in our psyche that somehow ‘enlightenment’ would be an ‘ahhh’ moment that would last a long time.  For 99.99% of us, enlightenment, consciousness expanding – whatever term that you want to use – is a physical process.  Our bodies have lived in the reality of separation with all its judgments and constraints for 30, 40, 50+ years.  That means as we bring in the higher dimensional energies, there will be physical detoxing or opening that has to occur.  Our bodies probably do yearn to carry those higher dimensional energies more often, since that was part of their original design, and they are still weighed down by a lifetime of adaptation.

This can be very discouraging to the individuals who seek to be in connection with these higher dimensional energies since none of the literature around seeking higher levels of consciousness mentions that enlightenment is a physical process.  Since our habit is to fall back on our historical knowledge, we think those ‘cold symptoms’ for example is a ‘cold’, and we might use some pharmaceuticals to help stop the ‘cold’.  What if that ‘cold’ or ‘indigestion’ is really your body trying to detox or throw off some congestion?  Are you actually then helping your body if you take pharmaceuticals? Humm.

We need to communicate with our body about what it needs and why.  Unfortunately, communicating with your body is also not a learned skill in our western culture.  Most likely you were taught NOT to listen to your body.  You were taught to listen to your parents or your doctor as to whether or not you were ‘sick’.  My own parents’ generation trusted their allopathic doctors about everything even though it was obvious that those doctors ‘forgot’ to take care of certain health issues or only saw pills and surgery as the answers to their health concerns.  I even find that my first response to symptoms is to refer to my historical experience.  I have to remind myself to pay attention to other possibilities, to be more of the observer about health symptoms and to ask my body what it needs. 

How do you talk with your body?  Use kinesiology asking yes and no questions; use a pendulum to get yes and no answers.  Pay attention to your sentient intelligence – Is it responding to your questions with energies moving, with contractions in your solar plexus, with emotions rising?  Some people ask thru writing.  Pause and wait for the response to arise.  I always ask to speak to that part of my body that is wisest – maybe has the role of the body doctor or something like that.  Most likely that wisdom will arise from your solar plexus as that area of your body – the gut brain- pays attention to everything that is occurring within your body and outside of it 24/7.  Experiment with these different ways to talk with your body.  Choose one that is easier for you to use.  

Your body will inform you.  Sometimes it just needs more water or more rest. Stop and rest even though you want to push yourself.  Sometimes it needs support in the form of a herb or homeopathic.  I have found wonderful health practitioners over the years in the fields of homeopathy, Ayurveda medicine, acupuncture, etc.  As we walk towards a greater connection with the larger forces, we need support like these practitioners so that we can support our Spirit in its expansion by supporting our bodies as they try and throw off decades of constrictions from living in a reality of separation. Try it! You’ll like it!