On Stillness and Connection

Recently I was in an email discussion with a client about her desire to be in stillness, in a no mind, no body, no time, no place experience.  There is a such a draw to those moments, to those states and they can never be the all of how we live our lives.  Personally, I love those states with my Spirit and with God when energies move thru me and when stillness settles in.  These states connect us to the larger forces, to our God and to the void.  My experience of stillness/Quantum states is that they are momentary.  They are not a permanent state.  They are achieved in various ways such as listening to music, being in meditation or in walking in the nature.  The only way a ‘no mind, no body’ state can last a long time is to be dead.  Then you are just Spirit with no mind or body to use.   Too much time in the stillness can make the transition back to normal life difficult when you first start spending a lot of time in the stillness.  Later as you become more connected to what connects you to life and makes you whole, well, the difficulties encountered in the transitioning lessen and we can move much more seamlessly between those states of being in stillness and being one with our daily 3D life.

What then connects you to life?  What makes you feel whole?  For me what connects me to life are my body and my mind.  My body lets me be entranced by the new fallen snow, the leaf still clinging to a branch in winter, the crocus peeking up out of the snow, the smell of spring in the air.  My body takes me to the park or the woods to be with nature.  My body anchors me in the earth so I can let my mind open to the infinite.  My body allows my experience of its edges to melt away so that my Spirit and I feel aligned and as one.  My body gave me my children and lets me experience their love every day of my life.  My body contracts in pain at loss and in life-defeating thoughts or feelings.  My body connects me to life.  

Our body has two brains – one in our head and one in our gut.  Both are full of grey matter which we now know are astrocytes, which are that part of our brain that creates new thoughts, is creative and imaginative. Our mind therefore is in both in our head and in our gut.  Astrocytes communicate thru calcium waves moving thru them and thus connecting to memories stored in them and in other glia cells in our body and brains.  When we focus on life-defeating thoughts (we all do at some point, those useless piti-full looping thoughts) the astrocytes probably connect to all the memories that prove that those life-defeating thoughts are true.  When we focus on what makes us feel whole or life-generating life-enhancing thoughts, our astrocytes create networks connecting those thoughts, memories and generate new patterns of thought and experience.  New networks are formed that can be strengthened over time to become the dominant form of the way that we look at our world.  So, I love my mind for all the possiblities that it holds – of new ways to connect the old and the new perspectives on the world, of discovery and exploration.  The brain is the most malleable and modifiable organ in the body.  I love that I can utilize this capacity of the brain to create new astrocytic patterns to support my cravings to be whole, to see and be in the world differently

We call our bodies’ sensations, sensitivities and emotions our sentient intelligence. This intelligence is conveyed to our awareness when we write or think life-generating or life-enhancing phrases.  It is conveyed when we are in life-generating life-enhancing experiences.  This intelligence also informs us when we are in life-defeating or life-threatening situations.  This intelligence is innate in humans, yet we have been taught to not listen to it.  As small children we are taught to listen to adults, to others outside of ourselves first.  So, out of this disconnect, we first turn to the historic memories in our brains to seek how to respond in a situation, instead of to the in-the-moment feedback of our sentient intelligence.  I propose that the astrocytic networks are integral to sentient intelligence and by learning to pay attention to our sentient intelligence in the moment, we strengthen those networks connecting us to what makes us whole, to what connects us to life.

I love my mind because it can make new connections and correlations with everything that is life-generating for me and make those my dominant life patterns.  That is why we use resonant phrases in writing the craving creation exercises.  That is why we write them regularly.  That is also why we use the observings when we feel down or get into those squirrely looping thought patterns.  The observings move us into the present moment, into the sentient awareness that is our direct connection to our astrocytes.  By observing something we are picking out something to focus on; by being present to it we are in the moment allowing those astrocytes to connect to a new set of astrocytes when we are opening up to an awareness, an experience.  Those astrocytic networks create a new pattern that is no longer repeatedly repeating old life-defeating networks of historic memory. A new astrocytic network is formed.

My last advice to my client was to aim for wholeness, for unity in both conscious states and in quantum states.  We all are on the threshold of being in the world differently. By allowing the all of ourselves to be present to what is waiting for our discovery and exploration, we become more of whom we crave to be and to what we crave to do in the world. We strengthen those astrocytic networks and will much more naturally BE, DO and HAVE all that we came here to be, to do and to have.  The alignment of our sovereign natures of being with our bodies is strengthened and thus our Spirit and our Flesh our one.  She will have her stillness and her presence in the world.