Our Historic Self and our Original Design

In my early years I was trying to figure out what others needed me to be …my parents, my teachers, other adults, even my siblings. Mostly I adjusted my behavior to their parameters and sometimes I fought their parameters. I assume we all do that in the process of growing up. What I knew was that I was watching my parents’ behavior for cues as to what it was to be an adult. Like most adults, sometimes they were happy, sometimes they were angry or forgetful. And as most kids, I integrated their moods into my concept of what an adult is. What I didn’t know was that their trauma was part of my energetic field from infancy. So how much am I ‘me’ and how much of ‘whom I am’ simply the ancestors’ trauma playing out thru this body?

What we now know is that our parents and grandparents’ trauma comes down to us genetically. Yup, ancestor trauma is a real thing. An experiment with mice showed that the behavior as result of trauma was inherited down 16 generations with no reinforcement from the environment. What that means in terms of how we experience that impact is that often our ‘habits’ are our parents or grandparent’s trauma as well as experiences with them in our lives. If that trauma energy is removed from our body and our energetic field, then who are we?

We are not just our ancestors’ trauma we are born with our own original design, our own gift to the world. In my experience I see individual’s original design always pushing to the surface, seemingly fighting for its right to manifestation in our behavior which makes us different than our siblings and parents and yet, thru the inherited trauma and our historical experiences with them, we are like them as well. Yes, the family gifts as well as the family’s limitations are present in how we live our lives.

Recently I experienced the removal of a lot of my parent’s trauma and my early childhood trauma thru the use of a voice resonance technology. (I worked with Deepak Chari of the Chari Center in Encinitas, CA) During the sessions, I experienced both a powerful feeling of ‘standing in my own truth’ as well as a physical release of my throat, my chest and my solar plexus. In the days after a session, I felt my internal system was in a fluid state, no longer contracted or compressed and not yet having found its new stabilization point. As I see that some of my ‘habits’ such as procrastination, while now no longer grounded into me by ancestor trauma, I wonder if they will still play out as an old pair of shoes that are sooo comfortable. So I ask myself…Who am I? Whom am I becoming?

Which brings me to the idea and experience of our original design. I have read a lot about what others think about humanity’s original design. There is the energetic design which includes different energetic capabilities and organs that allow us to connect to the earth, the divine forces and each other in strong energetic ways. These energetic attributes and organs have not been part of humanities’ daily experience for eons. How we lost the use of those capabilities is not known, and we know humans who are born with capabilities that seem to be beyond the ‘normal’ person – empaths, psychics, seers, healers – they all hold a piece of what was once the capability and capacity of every human.

There is the physical template of the original design as well, the capability of the human body to live far beyond the life expectancy that we now have AND the quality of this longer life has a vitality and vibrancy that we only see in a small portion of the population, mostly in people who live in isolated, indigenous areas. (Check out the Human Longevity Project for more information) Yes, we know that our environment, the quality of our air and our water, and our food supply have impacted our bodies so that we can’t live long and happy lives. This is something that we can shift for coming generations so that humanity’s bodies can be as healthy, strong and vital as they were originally designed.

Last there is the component of being Spirit embodied. That element which makes us really a unique and essential part of Creation is our Spirit – that immortal part of ourselves that comes to earth for any number of reasons – to experience this unique biosphere, to assist earth in moving to her next greater whole? We once could be in direct alignment with our Spirit and our bodies could handle those higher frequencies easily. Right now, many humans seem stuck firmly in the mud of this 3D world. I am part of a group of people who are opening up to this capacity to hold higher frequencies in their bodies, as they are experiencing the truth of the adage that ‘enlightenment is a biological event’.

The coming years will be a time of transformation for humanity as more and more individuals find ways to leave their old historic patterns behind them and to open up to their unique and essential design in more ways than we can imagine it to be. I am amazed by the power of Deepak Chari’s voice technology work. I find the creation exercises from Tantra Maat’s Language of Creation is be a foundational work within which I design the life that I crave for my unique and essential Being and for humanity. I have studied with Damanhur, an eco-spiritual community in northern Italy, which is focused on shifting old human patterns of being with each other in community and in protecting the future of humanity. There are groups all over the world creating new ways to BE in the world and to fight for humanity’s and the earth’s future.

There are so many good people fighting for the new future of humanity, so that our children and grandchildren do not grow up with the weight of the old upon them or with the sickness that our present environment inflicts upon us. Yes, the generations of children coming are rising up from the earth and they deserve to live their capacity to be truly their unique and essential gift to the world. It is our gift to prepare the way for them – thru clearing of our ancestors and our trauma patterns, in assisting our own bodies to better embody our Spirits and by taking back the right to a clean environment, clean air and water. We can and will give them a world that they will be pleased to inherit. Everyone must do their part personally and as a member of the greater community of humanity. Pick your ways to be that human that takes back her/his own capability and capacity to live her/his original design! Be that individual that prepares the way for future generations of children coming to inhabit this earth as embodied Beings!