Our Ireland Viaggio – Day 1

Before I launch into a review of our journey, I want to give you an awareness of what occurred before the trip.  When we started we all were thinking of going to all the sites that Tantra had identified.  I saw this as standing as a pillar for her work.  Yet that is not what Ireland became for me.  In setting our itinerary, we asked Celine to get us to four of the sites that Fiona’s guides needed for the stargate to be established.  We wanted to be part of bringing in energy to Ireland as Tantra and Anne worked at reconciliation.  Both trips occurring simultaneously seemed the right balance to us.

Several guidelines that we set for our group served us very well.  The first was that we would switch roommates at each B&B, thus insuring that we each got to know all the other travelers better.  We had all known each other for four years as part of our virtual community, Tantra Maat’s Spirals of Being and we had all lived together two to three times when we attended Mystery School in Damanhur and Grass Valley CA.  Even that history didn’t mean that we all had equally gravitated to every other person.  Personally I am not an outgoing person, so getting to be in conversation in our rooms seemed so comfortable and natural.  This switching-roommates’ policy proved to be a wonderful opportunity to be present with another as they were being themselves.  Second was the agreement that we would often travel in silence, the better to prepare for our next location.  This made us pay attention to our Sovereign Beings and what that nature desired for our experience and for our being at each site.  It prevented us from getting distracted by chatter which could have become the way that we would fill the hours of driving time.

For me, the trip was also my opening to a relationship with the Tuatha de Danann, who are ancient Beings of Ireland.   The Old Irish word tuath (plural tuatha) means “people, tribe, nation”; dé is the genitive case of día and, depending on context, can mean “god, gods, goddess” or more broadly “supernatural being, object of worship”.  Another name for the Tuatha Dé Danann was the áes sídhe or the “People of the Sídhe”. In the Otherworld, the Danann remained young and seemingly immortal. Immortal in the sense, they can live a very long life and remain young, but they can be killed and destroyed, just like any mortal.

One of the practices that Tantra introduced us to us last year was the Five Questions.  I would write it daily after meditation.  The questions were:  Are you there?  Who/what are you?  What do want to tell me?  I have a question.  Will you answer it?  We always end with Thank you, I love you.  Thank you for loving me.  Basically, these questions are used to communicate with other dimensional beings.  Just before the trip I started to have some beings identify themselves as beings of Ireland and eventually as the Tuatha de Danann.  They said that they hold the energetic stability of the land and the Being that is Ireland.  They told me that they were expecting our group and that we would be protected.  I asked how I would know them?  Their responses were to pay attention to anomalies, to flashes of light, to the resonant deep timbre of the land.   They said that the field that our group carries is powerful cohesive and congruent so that it can help reawaken their structure and fields.  They asked to give our attention and time to working with them and we will all succeed in returning the original dream to earth.

So we all started on this physical journey with an awareness of the larger forces that we were intending to connect with.  I have to laugh when I think that I was going to meet them, not even considering that they already knew our intentions and were preparing for us to be part of their field! 

9/11/18   We started the physical part of our journey flying from Denver to Dublin arriving there about 10am Dublin time on 9/12/18.  The flight was one of those overnighters that left us with little sleep and a full day to go. We had to wait for a couple of hours to catch a local bus that would pick up and drop off people at small towns outside of Dublin.  It was a two hour ride and I got to talk with an Irish woman who was retired from government work.  We talked about this time in our lives and her experience of life.  She seemed to both be content as to the sameness of her life and aware that she was part of a larger matrix of  her family.  I was touched how my world of matrix building was also hers in the familial circle.  The connection was sweet.  Our bus stop was near Kilbeggan, the nearest that we could get to  BalleyMac Lodge, Anne Tyrell’s B&B.

So how did I ever get started on this adventure?   There never was a direct path from inspiration to final journey.  It was more so alot of listening to others and to Spirit that made this viaggio turn out to be what it was. Unlike most planned vacations, this viaggio grew organically over several months.   Early last spring we decided that we wanted to return to Damanhur for our 6th ‘past life’ and to work more collegially with Damanhur.  By we I mean the group of 12 people who have attended/completed the Mystery School of Damanhur together.  Soon after Kea decided that she wanted to put in a spiral on her land in Glastonbury and we all agreed that we wanted to be part of it.  So we agreed that our trip would start in Glastonbury England to build Kea’s spiral on her land with Crotalo of Damanhur leading the construction.  On a concurrent thread, Tantra got a calling to do a viaggio in Ireland focusing on reconciliation and she would do it before Glastonbury.  Additionally, Kea wanted our Glastonbury trip to be more than just the spiral build, so she started planning where we would stay and do for four – six days.   A group of 5 of us decided to join Tantra in her viaggio in Ireland.  Then, when we looked at all that we wanted to experience and see in Ireland, we decided to create our own viaggio.  For me it was to create a light grid of support around Ireland as we experienced some of its sacred sites.  All six of us decided to work on creating a new stargate to link Ireland and the 10th dimension with Fiona.  (Fiona works with archangels and cosmic beings to clear old contracts, relationships etc from one’s field.  All her work is absolutely spot on and created change in our lives.  We all got a personal clearing/healing and a group clearing/healing before the trip.  Fiona can be reached at fiona@soultransformationenergywork.co.uk)

One thing led to another and an Irish friend of ours, Celine, agreed to be our driver and she designed our viaggio weaving in four sites where we were to do Fiona’s sacred work.  The ten-day Damanhur viaggio had grown to a month long trip with eleven days in Ireland, six in Glastonbury and ten days in Damanhur.  What strikes me as most significant is that for each group there was an unfolding of the trip.  Nothing was straightforward.  There were synchronicities of timing and direction for both Tantra’s and our viaggios around Ireland, as well as in the Damanhur experience. 

So let’s return to our first day in Ireland.  We (myself, Sahere, Sarah) got to Anne’s BallyMac Lodge in the afternoon of the 12th, and were reunited with Kea, Maggie, Tantra, and Anne, and we met Anne’s husband Robert.  As soon as possible, we walked the spiral that Anne had built on her land by Crotalo of Damanhur almost two years ago.  We learned from the spiral that it was already connected to the spiral that Kea will be building in Glastonbury.   Early on the 13th, Anne and Tantra headed off on their viaggio and Robert gave us a tour of their land.  Robert showed us the home of the previous owner – a small stone/cement building with three small bedrooms.  It was built by the Irish government in the 1930’s to help the poor of Ireland have decent homes.  They could have had indoor plumbing and electricity installed but chose not to.  The home only had electricity added in the late 90s.  We then saw their previous home which was both house and stable.  The blessings of this land are energetically present.  An ancient ash tree graces one area of the farm; horses graze in a large field; fields of new trees fill the fields around their home; and ‘the chapel’ is an area where the trees create a natural ceiling and is used for weddings and other sacred practices.  This land shelters both the body and the soul.  Turns out the chapel area was once the playground of the original family of the land.

Celine arrived with the van midday and we headed south to Bridgit’s Well near Kildare, Ireland.  As soon as we arrived at this small park, an older Irish man started to tell us about his favorite ‘to be’ saint and how the saint had saved his life from drink.  He was our first introduction to the Irish spontaneous story telling that was to weave in and out of our trip.  When most of the visitors had left, we entered the small area and carried out the first of the four stargate ceremonies with Fiona on the phone.   Bridgit was both a rebel daughter who created monasteries and helped the poor around Ireland and also Bridgit of the ancient Irish goddesses.  Throughout Ireland, we saw the weaving of the ancient pagan practices into the early Christian churches and saints.  When we got to our hotel, we met up with Brigid P of the Minders.  She stayed with us for dinner and breakfast on the 14th .  It is so wonderful to be in person with a member of the Spirals that we knew by voice and image.  Such love amongst us as we hug!

We ended up staying at the Old Bank B&B in Bruff.  Beautiful restoration by a friendly and busy young couple who run this B&B.   I also experienced that my 50 year old poncho was no longer waterproof in the first of the many rains that graced our travel around Ireland.