Our Viaggio to Gargano

I am on a Viaggio for two weeks with fellow members of Tantra Maat’s Spirals of Being who are also members of the Damanhur Pre-Meditation Group.  Eight of us have studied with the Damanhur mystery school for four years so we have been invited by Damanhur to complete our training for the School of Meditation during this Viaggio.  In the next few blogs, I will be sharing what we are doing and where we going.

In preparation for this journey, we met as a group and realized that something wanted to come with us.  What showed up was the state of ‘existential grief’ wanted to come with us.  Members started experiencing the energy of ‘existential grief’ moving thru them right away. We were urged to come open, let time lead the way.  Be like a container that can be filled with things that we don’t understand and let time lead our experience.  During the first week of the viaggio, moments of sadness arose spontaneously for me and faded away just as quickly.  Irritation arose and stayed around and then left quickly.  These ups and downs of emotions were experienced by everyone as we experienced the energies of all the sites that we visited.

Our Viaggio is a vacation, and a training.  We got to play in the Adriatic Sea, walk the spirals on the plateaus, walk the narrow streets of the nearby cities of Vieste and Peschci, and listen internally for what this place says to who we are and how we are transforming

For Damanhurians, Gargono one of the most important places in Italy relative to the viaggios of the people of Damanhur.  Falco, the leader and founder for the community of Damanhur, used to take other Damanhurians on viaggios starting in 1983 until he died in 2013.  Some of the magical operations were done by these travelers in the Viaggio in the caves and plateau of an area now known as the resort Grotto del’Aqua.   They created spirals and circuits on the plateau nearby and were trained to perform magical rituals. Falco used this place to investigate time. Not time as we know it but time in the sense of all time is no past, no future, many dimensions of time.  It is as if we are always in present time.  All our ‘past’ lives are being lived simultaneously.  Time is like a tree with many branches.  Branches are related to the choices that we make.  We each make a choice every 4-6 seconds and this choice brings us to another branch.  So, we have many choices in life that take us into different branches/timelines. Falco used Gargano to check if the changes in the timeline would be strong enough to shift humanity’s timeline.  ThWe have e Damanhurians’ mission is to change the path of evolution for humankind.  They want to make a new trajectory where humans could be free and start a new direction for humanity can become enlightened.   

The issue of time and how we work with it has come up many times in this first week of our Viaggio. Next week we will be in Damanhur to study for initiation in the School of Meditation.