Paying Attention to the Lives We Crave

We, as a people and as individuals, do think about the world that we would like to live in and we might even spend a little bit of time imagining it. Mostly we imagine briefly because we believe that this present reality is all there is. We have lived in this reality since our birth. We have learned to survive in it, and some might have even thrived here. Yet it does not give us hope for a better life for our societies. Our society does not have our back. We are not supported in our yearnings and our cravings for a world where all humans are nurtured as their unique and essential aspect. We find anger against something or sadness about something easier to feel and act within then we do in hoping for the kind of world we want. We have so little hope that we do not think about designing this world that we crave. I believe that we can and should design the world that we crave.

Here’s an idea!  What if every time you felt sorrow about an event or an interaction, or if the feelings of sadness or anger or irritation come up, what if instead of being in those feelings, you just let them be – not pushing them down, not fostering them, just let them be AND then start a both/and experience. While you observe those feelings of anger, sadness, despair, open a door in your mind and heart to craving the world that you want. Imagine it a bit until you are fascinated with what it would feel like to be in a world that you crave. I really think that this could work. We create the realities that we are in – well, at least, we create the ways that we choose to respond. So this game of dreaming the future while you grieve the present is a game of what you want to be dominate in your life, the dream or the reality of now? It won’t make you woo-woo or out of touch with this reality. This dream/reality game will give you other possibilities for your life. Instead of lashing out at those who have done something disgraceful or wrong or negligent, allow that lashing out to ease out of your body and let those feelings/imaginings of new life-enhancing emotions, of new realities come in and dominate your thoughts.

I have found that this process of designing the world that I want to live in is a fascinating one. I use the Creation Exercises developed by Tantra Maat as one of my core practices in this process. Her creation exercises hold the form of the Golden Mean which is the basic pattern of all that grows and lives on this planet. So, instead of free form imagining, why not follow a template that mimics the same process that is used in all that is created on earth? The effectiveness of these creation exercises is dependent on two things – one that you follow their form and two that you write only life-enhancing, life-generating phrases. So what is it that you crave? Is it to feel healthy because you are in physical pain? Then write what you want to be your reality…Craving moving with ease and grace. Do not write Craving feeling no pain. The latter does not give you tangible sense of the life that you want to have, while the former does.

Tangibility, what does that mean to you? For me it now means having a strong solid knowing thru my Sentient Intelligence. So I might feel energies in my solar plexus, I might feel expansions in my core or heart area, I might feel emotions like happiness, contentment, excitement. I might even have words arise that were not planned and feel resonant to me. I rely on these sensations and sensitivities, to inform me of what is life-enhancing for me, so when I write a creation exercise, I have strong clues to inform me that I am writing a future that will support and nurture me.

For me, these dreams, these cravings are for myself and for humanity. Our world would be a much more enjoyable place to live in if others were happy and cared for too! Let your dreams encompass more people and worlds than you presently know about. Our imaginations want space to grow and to help us inhabit a better place for us and all humanity. It all starts with each of us giving more time to imagining the world that we crave to live in. It starts with writing what we crave and listening internally to our sentient intelligence to get feedback from our full system of body and Spirit.

There are two parts of any Creation Exercises, one is the Craving side and the other is the Observing side. I have to say that the Observing side lets me write all that anger, frustration, sadness, that I am experiencing. It feels really good to be able to spit out all that gets me down. In teaching others about the creation exercises, we used to call the Observing exercises was like giving your present location to your GPS. First we say where we want to be in the Craving exercise and then we say where we are in the present moment in the Observing exercise. It’s critical to acknowledge where you are as you aim for your desired future. I believe that we have guides/helpers who listen to us and our cravings. Creation/God/Goddess/Great Spirit needs the specifics of what we crave and they need to know specifically where we are now, just like GPS does.

We all want a better world for ourselves, our families and all other humans and beings on this planet.  Let’s start actively imagining that world of unity where all life in honored and respected.