Reaching Out to Others

On Nov 3rd, while the last votes for Election Day were being cast in the United States, a small group of women, men and children built a Spiral on native land on Mt Shasta in California.  They built it for peace and unity throughout the world.  Others around the globe joined in at 12 noon their local time.  Some walked spirals, some sat with trees, lakes, oceans.  Some meditated in their homes.  This can sound like a small event and it was not.  It brought an energy sweeping the planet and saturated the energies rising up in the United States.  The seeds of this event started years ago and accelerated into its crystallization in April 2020 when five participants of a retreat originally scheduled for early April, met in Mt Shasta to keep their date with Creation. 

The weather was blustery and cold and their hopes of building a spiral on the mountain faded and then fired up again as a local crystal shop encouraged them to build their crystal there.  The conversations initiated there with the native American owner started as one of mutual support and ended up this last weekend in an offer for the spiral to be built on native land, and the promise of the local tribes to maintenance the spiral.  That is not all.  In the intervening six months, the spiritual community of Damanhur Italy got involved and sent the group a rope used in creating spirals.  The use of the rope allowed Tantra’s group to create a spiral activated of three fields – Damanhur, Tantra Maat and the Natives of Mt Shasta. 

I was a participant in the retreat on Mt Shasta for the first five days.  Then I returned to Colorado.  On Nov 3rd at 12 noon, I sat in front of a tree that was activated years ago in the Damanhur tradition.  I merged with Mt Shasta, the Mimzys, the tree, the Spiral and all those who built the spiral.  I experienced waves of energy that were intense and moved out across the earth.  I heard stories from people in Japan, Australia, South Africa, Europe and the states who also spoke of the experience of intense energies and of birds and clouds appearing to note the event.

Earth humans were limited eons ago – cut off from their energetic birthright – cut off from a direct relationship with that which created them.  Humanity is now ready to be more of whom they came here to be.  Events like the Spiral build on Mt Shasta are not going to be unique.  We stand together reaching out as part of a field that is a matrix of connection between the humans on earth and  dimensional Beings who are reaching out to us.  There is a unity coming which Humanity has craved for thousands of years. 

I believe in magic now.  I believe that humanity can move into its next recursion of wholeness.  The waves of violence and separation sweeping the planet are the last gasps of a reality of separation that is dying.  Hold on to peace and unity in your life.  Focus on moments of resonance.  BE the best person that you are.  Crave what is life-enhancing and life-generating for you. Believe in the magic of the power of humanity living in life-enhancing, life-generating ways.  We can do it.  We will do it.  Join hands with others to be with them in the field of unity. Blessed be.