Reflections on our Irish Viaggio

These first paragraphs have been added to my first blog so it could feel repetitious to you if you are new to this blog series.  Because a number of people have started reading these blogs before I wrote this piece, I am including it in both places. 

The picture accompanying this blog is of a sign on Anne’s property leading to her Spiral.  I thought it was fitting as walking that Spiral marked the beginning and end of our Ireland Viaggio.

Before I leap into the telling of our Glastonbury adventures, I want to pause and reflect on this journey thru Ireland.  When we started we all were thinking of going to all the sites that Tantra had identified.  I saw this as standing as a pillar for her work.  Yet that is not what Ireland became for me.  In setting our itinerary, we asked Celine to get us to four of the sites that Fiona’s guides needed for the stargate to be established.  We wanted to be part of bringing in energy to Ireland as Tantra and Anne worked at reconciliation.  Both trips occurring simultaneously seemed the right balance to us.

Several guidelines that we set for our group served us very well.  The first was that we would switch roommates at each B&B, thus insuring that we each got to know all the other travelers better.  We had all known each other for four years as part of our virtual community, Tantra Maat’s Spirals of Being and we had all lived together two to three times when we attended Mystery School in Damanhur and Grass Valley CA.  Even that history didn’t mean that we all had equally gravitated to every other person.  Personally I am not an outgoing person, so getting to be in conversation in our rooms seemed so comfortable and natural.  This switching-roommates’ policy proved to be a wonderful opportunity to be present with another as they were being themselves.  Second was the agreement that we would often travel in silence, the better to prepare for our next location.  This made us pay attention to our Sovereign Beings and what that nature desired for our experience and for our being at each site.  It prevented us from getting distracted by chatter which could have become the way that we would fill the hours of driving time.

For me, the trip was also my opening to a relationship with the Tuatha de Danann, who are ancient Beings of Ireland.   The Old Irish word tuath (plural tuatha) means “people, tribe, nation”; dé is the genitive case of día and, depending on context, can mean “god, gods, goddess” or more broadly “supernatural being, object of worship”.  Another name for the Tuatha Dé Danann was the áes sídhe or the “People of the Sídhe”. In the Otherworld, the Danann remained young and seemingly immortal. Immortal in the sense, they can live a very long life and remain young, but they can be killed and destroyed, just like any mortal.

One of the practices that Tantra introduced us to us last year was the Five Questions.  I would write it daily after meditation.  The questions were:  Are you there?  Who/what are you?  What do want to tell me?  I have a question.  Will you answer it?  We always end with Thank you, I love you.  Thank you for loving me.  Basically, these questions are used to communicate with other dimensional beings.  Just before the trip I started to have some beings identify themselves as beings of Ireland and eventually as the Tuatha de Danann.  They said that they hold the energetic stability of the land and the Being that is Ireland.  They told me that they were expecting our group and that we would be protected.  I asked how I would know them?  Their responses were to pay attention to anomalies, to flashes of light, to the resonant deep timbre of the land.   They said that the field that our group carries is powerful cohesive and congruent so that it can help reawaken their structure and fields.  They asked to give our attention and time to working with them and we will all succeed in returning the original dream to earth.

So when I arrived in Ireland I began talking to them.  You have already heard about the golden shower that we received at the Pub in the Burrens.  For the rest of the Ireland trip, they were always present.   In England and Damanhur, I didn’t hear from them as much.  Then about a week after I returned home, they came back into my 5 questions practice.  They said that I was known; that I was recognized and that I have what it takes to start and complete this process.  I can only assume that it means living my new life in support of my mission here in this lifetime They said that I am one of them and they are with me.  Then it was to write, write, write.  To set up the rituals of writing.  Live love. To make my life what I want it to be.  That they are thrilled and excited as we have stepped into their world of unity and love.

So I am writing and establishing my own rituals of writing and living my life.  What I know now is that there were threads of love and unity that were woven throughout our viaggio and now are the weaving of my life.  As I move thru the descriptions of our Glastonbury and Damanhur adventures, I will try to make those threads more self-evident than they were experienced in the present moment.