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We are so much more than we imagine ourselves to be!

We are Spirit & Flesh, Energy & Matter, Infinite & Finite, Alchemical & Biochemical.  

Our journey here is:
        to move into greater embodiment of Spirit into our Matter;
       to be present to the Infinite of ourselves so that we can do what we came here to do;
      to utilize our energetic organs and bodies as well as
     honoring the alchemical within us as well as the biochemical. 
We are so much more than we ever hoped to be!!
Are you calling in a future that is MORE.. more compassionate, more connected, more unified? 
Are you discouraged because of the escalation of anger, greed, hate across the world?
Well, you have two choices. 
    Stay discouraged and fearful and expect the worst OR
   Learn how to call in the best of yourself to dream a new future for humanity.

We, who stand for a greater future calling for all human beings, we must stand in our truth.

I offer you the opportunity to remember your Spirit and ‘whom you came here to be’ thru my integrative mentoring and healing sessions.  

Start this process with remembering your own sacred moments…the love you feel for your child, the flower opening in early morning, the sunset sending its rays upon the ocean as it sinks below the waves.

Our own personal sacred moments will be the foundation of the future rising when all these tumultuous times have ended.  

I use a variety of tools in my integrative mentoring and healing sessions.  One of those tools is the creation exercises from the Language of Creation.  These exercises allow you to access the inner wisdom of your Spirit as you write what you crave for yourself and the world.  

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