I have the extraordinary opportunity to be with Elektra Porzel in this lifetime. Her wisdom, grace, and intelligence has given me viability of The Creation Institute [www.iuwcinstitute.com] To be with her and others forming what I have dreamed for those who are evolving into new comprehensions and new connections with the greater whole of which we are a part is a gift I deeply treasure. She is also a practitioner in her own right. I wanted to share the opportunity to work with her with you. Tell her I sent you. I am gathering hugs. Tantra Maat 2017

Electra is a master healer on all levels. I myself have been involved in the healing world for 25 years. Every once in a while I have come across an exceptional healer  (and human being – fully in her integrity) who is capable of extraordinary ability.  I have has 3 sessions with her – regarding an injury – that looked like the only choice remaining would be surgery. Upon the first visit she turned it around and set it upon a dynamic healing direction. She is not only gentle, authentic, and can share with you exactly whats going on, and the cause of it, but has proven most beneficial in helping with and expediting the healing process.  So if you have anything going in your life/health that needs attention, please consider a visit to her towards healing. You will find her a tremendous help and asset. Her website is. refers to her abilities and skills, and yes, I can attest to each of them. Robert F 2014

I came to see you because my breast was growing out of control I thought it was soy so I removed soy from my diet. Then you talked to my breasts and they said “we like soy, we don’t like chemicals”. I never made the link that I was actually taking a medication and it is what was causing the growth. I have been on this medication for 8 years, I just did some research 6 months ago and found out that it does cause breast enlargment. I stopped it and my breasts have been shrinking ever since. So you are really the body whisperer and if I made the link when you told me, I would have saved myself a lot of pain and grief. Domnique H Jan 2014

You have the ability to see the positives in all things and make everything turn out well. If I have learned nothing else from you, it is that filling your heart with gratitude for all the good that you have will make life so much sweeter. I try to practice the many things I learned from you as often as possible and the results have been really good.  I am happy, healthy, and my bones have regained normal density (with no drugs!). I am grateful to have been blessed to know you and learn from you.  Claire B 2013

I have wonderful and powerful memories of times with you, Elektra. I thank you for all your insights, spiritual gifts, Energy healing, teaching of the Body/Sound movements, especially in my grief processing after my mother’s death some years ago. My energy around the spiritual dimension of the Universe, the only true one, has been revitalized and deepened with your gifts and guidance. Thank you for introducing bowls and sound healing…and instigating so much more!! Kitty R 2013

Besides Elektra’s circuits as an empath (exceptional Physical Oneness, for instance), she has an uncanny ability to communicate with your body — organs, hormones, bones. To her, each part of your physical system has its own consciousness. She’ll dialogue as she applies a feather-light touch, coaxing a misaligned tendon to move just a bit or encouraging freedom of movement to a joint that, long ago, adopted a rigid range of motion and stayed stuck there.  Not only does Elektra easily shift her consciousness into receiving detailed information. There’s a solidity and certainty to the knowledge, where Deeper Perception is real to her in the way that chairs and tables are real to most humans. Elektra can easily move her consciousness to beings at any astral level. This brings a distinct advantage for gathering information related to physical healing.  Discernment is part of the process. Elektra stays in charge and accepts the kind of information at the needed frequency, never losing her self-authority or sense of proportion in the process. Rose R 2011

Elektra’s depth of listening to the body, her resourcefulness, her enormous knowledge and skill have just astounded me. Elektra has done three sessions for me thus far, and has helped me to make real progress on conditions I have carried since childhood. I recommend her without reservation and with heartfelt gratitude and respect.   Rose R 2008

Watching Elektra work is remarkable. She tuned into my energy, and my body as a whole. Then she began my treatment with an entirely new approach for my healing. The results are spectacular. Not only is my back getting better, but my entire body is getting better. Elektra took the time to teach me what was happening with my body, and why I am continuing to be injured in this area. Now I can work towards full recovery and strength to play my tennis. EG, 2007

A gifted intuitive and healer, who happens to be right in our back yard!  GL, 2006

A warm, welcoming personality and a skilled practitioner.  AA, 2007

Elektra tuned me into tapping into the universe and into myself.  EL, 2007