The Intersection of our Original Design and our Historic Lives

Let me start with an assumption that the original impetus that moves a zygote into a fetus is our embryonic brain, which holds the template of our original design. It is first visible in the tube that forms and grows to become the enteric nervous system in our large and small intestines, it becomes our spine and spinal cord, our heart and our brain in our head.  Turns out the enteric nervous system is called our 2nd brain because it has almost as much white matter as the brain in our head.  It’s also has most of the neurotransmitters.  This gut brain communicates with the head brain via the Vagus Nerve and a network of glia cells, called astrocytes, that populate all our brains.  These astrocyte networks hold our memories, all we have learned and experienced and are the response/reaction networks that have previously been referred to as neural networks.  Neurons and their pathways are like superhighways that glia cells can stimulate to go faster and keep functional.  These amazing interactive astrocyte networks hold all that we have been and all that we can be.  One of our options in the ‘can be’ category is our return to our Original Design.

Humanity’s Original Design

Humanity’s original design includes the interrelated, symbiotic, and interdependent organs and  systems  that we are all familiar with.  It includes the microbiome in the Enteric Nervous System, as well as the ‘as above so below’ phenomena of our cells holding the space of the universe in their structure.  Interestingly there are also energetic organ that were part of our original functioning.  They are an extension of our earth senses and are defined with different ‘parts’ by different groups.  Most agree that this Original Design of Humanity included such energetic organs as a tail for grounding into the earth; wings for moving beyond gravity; a golden girdle for protection of our inner organs; a cobra arising from the spine that functions like the 3rd eye; antenna behind the ears and a bowl surrounding the head.  Other parts that have been identified are extensions from our solar plexus, from our throat and our ears. 

Why don’t these parts function in most humans?  Are they a vestige in us to be discarded or are they our birthright standing online for us to take back and own?  I believe that humans lost our capability to live in our Original Design thousands upon thousands of years ago.  Maybe it was a cosmic war, maybe it was horrific trauma to the planet, we don’t know.  Yet one thing that I am clear about is that humanity has capabilities beyond anything that we have experienced in recent history. Yet, if we access our Original Design, will we misuse it?  We see evidence all around us that humans exist that are greedy, amoral and have no regard for anyone or anything else that exists on this planet.  We also see evidence all around us that there are many humans who care for all life on this earth. They take care of those who have less.  They honor and respect the unique and essential aspects of all other humans. These humans evidence the owning of a larger comprehension of the interactive web of life that is humanity on earth in this galaxy within this Universe.  They honor and recognize that all life is constantly contracting or expanding, constructing or deconstructing as well as coming into existence or going out of existence.

Our Sentient Intelligence

Maybe more of humanity needs to embrace this knowing and live that honoring.  Maybe we need to connect to our sentient intelligence that arises from the solar plexus/enteric nervous system. Sentient Intelligence can be defined as those sensations, energies, feelings that arise within us when we write, speak or experience something life-enhancing or something that is life-defeating.  Sentient Intelligence marks the sweetness of life, the connection to nature and to each other. It is the elixir of life.  It takes some regular paying attention to those markers of life-enhancing situations or life-defeating ones.  It takes a stepping back from our egoic stance that our brain in our head is the smartest part of us.  It requires that we embrace the experience of paying attention to what these internal systems can tell us about living our daily lives and about living our Original Design.  Our Original Design lives on in our bodies in these networks of astrocytes that connect all our brains – head, heart, gut – and can thus support us in returning to whom we came here to be, to do and to have.  Are you interested? 

If you want to start this expansion of your awareness of this interconnected web that is you, then you must start listening to your sentient intelligence.  Open to imagining, pay attention to the sensations that arise, the energies that move and the sensitivities that you gain.  Learn to ask questions of this internal system and listen to your body so that it can guide you in its care and support.  If we turn to listening and responding to this internal intelligence, these systems will support us and will move us to healthy physical state and beyond to experiencing being part of the larger matrix of life on earth and this Universe.

What now?

You may then ask yourself, is my Original Design part of this matrix of sentient knowing? Is it active or offline? Is it there? Ask and listen.  If you are unfamiliar with the energetic organs of your original design, then get some help.  Tantra Maat is presently giving a series of activations of some of these energetic organs, which she calls the Geometries of Being.  Go to to access the recordings and to register for upcoming calls. 

It seems to me that each of us needs to embrace some fundamental principles of living in unity with all life on this planet. All life is constantly contracting or expanding. All life is always constructing or deconstructing as well as coming into existence or going out of existence.  Let those perspectives sink into your knowing.  It is what we are on this planet.  Our Spirit may be immortal but our bodies are finite and they dance in the energies of the divine.  We are so much more that this limited existence that most humans believe is all there is.  We are so much more. 

As Beings who embrace both our flesh and our Spirit, our finite body and our infinite Spirit, our biochemical and our alchemical systems, our matter and our energy, let’s move beyond what we have believed historically about what being human is and move into being aware of and function within humanity’s original design.  Let’s recognize that we live as ‘one with another in the field’ and can only become more of whom we came here to be if we embrace our node point in the matrix of life.  Let’s embrace these principles and act from them

Everything operates on behalf of everything else

Everything is part of everything else

Everything has a place

Everything is moving to its next greater whole

Humanity’s original design operates on behalf of all humans and all life on this planet and in this Universe. It is part of the matrix of this planet, this galaxy and this Universe and thus is interconnected with everything else.  It has a place here in our lives on earth just as all the physical matter that we see.  We are always moving to our next greatest recursion and I believe, our return to our Original Design is part of that expansion of who we are and what we each came here to be, do and have.

What do you think? What is your experience?