Walking into the Unknown

As I head off to a month’s spiritual voyage to Ireland, Glastonbury and Damanhur, my feeling is that I am stepping into the unknown.  Yes, the itinerary is planned for all the areas, yet that is not the substance of our trip.  We go to be in our sovereign natures of being with the magic of Ireland, her ancient druids, her fairies and the deep love present in that land.  We go to be as our sovereign beings to Glastonbury to connect our essence to that of the ancients of Glastonbury and to offer them the Damanhur Spiral as a tool for their use.  We go to Damanhur as our essential selves, our natures of Being, to work with Damanhur in weaving a new future for humanity.

I was thinking of listing all the places that we will be and that seemed overkill for me and you.  So, I plan to write blogs throught this month long journey and publish them here.  Maybe a little bit touristy and a bit energetic imprints.  Hopefully you can walk with us and connect to the energies that we connect to.

We fly to Ireland on Sept 11th.  We fly to Glastonbury England on Sept 25th and to Damanhur Italy on October 1st.  Join us energetically.  Check out these sacred places on Google.