When Our History Get in Our Way

There are several selves that we are used to interacting as. There are the roles that we play…mother, father, sister, brother, child, friend, relative, boss, employee. We operate within these roles in parameters created by our upbringing, our culture and our religion. We know the rules and we choose to operate within them and sometimes outside of them. Sound right?

How are these parameters and roles held within you? There are networks of neurons and glia cells in your body…your head brain, your gut brain and your heart brain. Some are used so often that they fire so instantaneously that you don’t think about what you will do, you are taking an action before you even consciously realize that there was a choice.

Ah, choice. Something we are told that we have but that we, as a norm, do not operate within. We have neural/glia networks that are used so often that they are well-worn ruts in our brains. This can be good…like the ones that have us brush our teeth in the morning or they could be bad for us if they hamper our ability to act differently in a role in our family, our office or with our friends.

I like to call those neural/glia networks that are automatic as representing your historic self. These are patterns of behaviors and reactions that you say is ‘you’ whether or not you think they are good, bad or indifferent. Your historic self carries the baggage of childhood trauma, adult trauma, ancestor and species trauma. Your historic self carries the thoughts and beliefs of your family, your religion, your culture. When you think that you are thinking, you are probably just accessing those thoughts of others. That trauma and historic baggage creates all sorts of automatic firing of your neural/glia cells and you end up doing and feeling sometimes exactly like how you don’t want to feel or do.

How do we stop these historic rut neural/glia cells from firing and essentially ruining all the efforts we are making to do and be differently, like we wish we could be? Well, those neural/glia cell networks need to be expanded to include more of the life-generating options that we want in our lives. How, you ask, is that done? The only tool that I know that makes this happen are the Templates of the Language of Creation. I teach people how to use these templates to design the life that they crave. I teach them how to write their Creation Exercises such that their neural/glia networks are expanded. This gives those networks more options, more choice. More choices of life-generating actions/thoughts creates stronger neural/glia networks that fire on the side of what is life-generating, life-enhancing for you than on the old historic life-defeating ruts that ran your life before.

I teach, guide and support you as you learn to use the Templates to create the life that you crave. Contact me for a free 20 minute session to explore how writing these Creation Exercises might help you have the life that you crave.

I am also the Director of the Language of Consciousness Institute which sells the Templates and their Guidebooks; offers individual and group mentoring and other events. Go to https://www.loc-institute.com/ to learn more.