Where is Thought Created in the Brain?

The field of Neuroplasticity has proven over the last 30 years that the brain is the most malleable and modifiable organ in the human body. This is such a new fact because when this idea was first presented thru research in the 1960s, the established belief in the brain science field was that the brain didn’t ever change. You were stuck with what you were born with or whatever damage you got thru injury or trauma’s impact on the brain.  Those researchers were told that their research was wrong because it didn’t support the beliefs that were dominant in the field, which was the ‘unchanging brain’ and the Neuronal Doctrine.  It took decades before other scientists picked up this idea and began to study the function of the astrocytes in the brain, and the brain’s capability to utilize other areas of the brain to take over functions lost thru injury, trauma or birth anomalies.   Today stroke victims, brain injured adults and children born with areas of the brain not working well, these individuals can utilize different exercises and protocols to get back the missing or lowered brain functions. 

For those of us without injury or birth anomalies, there is also much to learn about how we can help our brain’s increase our problem-solving capability, our creativity and our imagination.  When I led the Tools to Thrive classes in 2017 on brain function, I read that humans require quiet time for their minds to create new solutions suited to the individual.  Without some form of quiet time, the brain cannot connect the facts of your day or your problems in new networks in your brain.  Quiet time allows your brain to create unique solutions to your quandaries and to create new paths in  your life that are imaginative or creative.  Without quiet time, your mind can only retrieve historic information about how others solved such problems or old structures of how to look at life.  These historic ways may not suit you and certainly are not evidence of creativity or imagination.   Quiet time can be meditation, listening to quiet music, walking in nature, resting.  Many great inventors and scientists credit their new concepts and ideas with those activities.  My own father was a nuclear physicist and he often said that he got his best ideas when he was laying on the floor in his office.

What is happening in the brain when we think we are thinking?  How does the brain create new thought?  New ideas?  Did you ever wonder how the brain actually does this?  There is a wonderful book that I am reading and discussing with Tantra Maat, who is dear friend, a psychic and a seer. The title is “The Root of Thought: Unlocking Glia: the brain cell that will help us sharpen our wits, heal injury and treat brain disease” by Andrew Koob.  The premise is that the major cell (90%) in the brain is astrocytes and it is their networks that create these new networks of thought and relationship.  Astrocytes build neuronal pathways and they communicate with each other thru calcium waves and neuronal networks.  Without astrocytes, there would be no thought, or creativity or imagination. 

One of the activities that I utilize to build the field for the future that I crave is writing the creation exercises which were first introduced to me thru Tantra Maat’s book, “The Language of Creation.”  In writing the creation exercises,  we write a craving and we search for resonant phrases.  Our description of what occurs is when we find a resonant phrase is that the body’s sentient intelligence (our resonance markers) arises from the gut brain thru the vagus nerve then into neuronal pathways in the brain which stimulates astrocytes located near neuronal synapses.  These astrocytes then send out calcium waves that connect to astrocytes in other areas of the brain that have memory or thoughts about the elements of the creation exercise.  They will utilize the astrocytic networks that already exist or create new networks while utilizing or strengthening neuronal networks to facilitate faster communication with distant areas of astrocytes.  Here’s an example using a Craving exercise on money.

“Craving more money in my life creates joy in my belly like hearing the laughter of children rolling down a hill.  Creating joy in my belly like hearing the laughter of children rolling down a hill sustains and maintains an openness in my heart inviting money to join me there.  Sustaining and maintaining an openness in my heart inviting money to join me there embodies smiles and laughter as money and I dance together.”

None of these phrases, which are resonant for me, would be strongly connected in any historic memory of money in my brain.  Each of these phrases are probably stored in very different parts of the brain and my craving exercise now has the astrocytes in my brain connect them in a new network – one that did not exist before. In this example, I have linked experiences, thoughts and ideas into a new relationship, a new astrocytic network. These new networks can shift my thinking away from old networks that might have linked things like working harder, better job and self worth for example. This new network brings in light for me around money. It’s resonance both in my sentient intelligence and now in an astrocytic network shift how I think and feel about money.

The way that we used to talk about this process was that writing the creation exercises was helping the brain have other options than the historic A to B neural pathway. Our creation exercises got us out of the deep ruts of long used A to B neural pathways and helped our brains have more options in connecting up different ideas and concepts.  Let’s describe that process now using what we know about astrocytes role in information communication in the brain. I posit that the astrocytes in each of these areas that hold the memory of money, children laughing, joy, dancing reach out thru calcium waves to establish a new astrocytic network or strengthen existing astrocytic networks that connect these different areas. In this example, the brain ends up with a new or stronger astrocytic network, which is stronger than the network of astrocytes that existed before. This stronger network can now influence the way that I approach money in my life.

Tantra and I are continuing our reading/talking the book and having subsequent discussions until the book reading is done.  Something is being birthed about our concepts of how the brain works with the work that we do.  What drives each person’s perception of resonance?  How does our connection with the larger Mind of Creation stimulate our brain’s neuronal pathways and astrocytic networks?  How is the original memory of who we are encoded in the astrocytes?  Could it be that the embryonic source space of our Sovereign Being determines the original neuronal network that astrocytes create in the fetal brain?  Is our original design encoded in in the memory within astrocytes?  Could it be that the resonance that we recognize in our sentient intelligence activates some of these original memories of how humans are designed to function, of what our unique Sovereign Being is resonant with?

As you can see, I am in the midst of wondering and dialoging not just with Tantra but also with others, you too, if you would like to get into the discussion.  I am placing this within the field to stimulate thought and new thinking on the brain.  Please comment.  If you are a part of The Spirals of Being there is a discussion thread there.