Where Shall We Stand for Peace

My father wrote a book, Song of the Promised Land, in the 1950s.  My sister-in-law and I recently reread it and found it so pertinent to these times.  While then the nation feared aggression from Russia, we now also  fear aggression from our own people.  I want to share with you my father’s wish for peace.  

Where will we stand for Peace?

We have a covenant to make, you and I.

In the secret recesses of our own hearts

And in the windowed palaces of the Capital and the United Nations.

We believe, above all else in our politics,

In the right of a people to a government of their own choice,

We want peace: genuine democracy, good conscience, sincerity,

Security from aggression, freedom from fear, something that we can do now.

Where can we stand together? …

Every major government on earth claims:

        To exist for the will of its people.

(Thanks to your ancestors and mine.)

And every major government on earth claims:

        That its people sincerely want peace.

(Thanks to the children of your ancestors and mine.)

Very well then. Let us vote,

On peace or war. Yes or No?

What else is democracy?

Where shall we stand for peace?

This is where I stand if you care to stand with me.

     I stand ready to vote: our nation under God, hereby outlaws war on any nations whose people can and will do the same. Thus, we make good will clear by free open vote.

My question to you is – How will you vote?  Not just about war with another nation but also about war and aggression with other Americans?  With friends and family?

We each must stand as a pillar for the values of this nation.  Stand in the vibrations of peace, of love, of hope for a time when all our children have the opportunities to BE all that they came here to be. Each of us is a unique and essential aspect of the Divine energy that created us. We each can stand in protecting and supporting that individual essence to grow and prosper. That means listening to others. That means protecting others. That means standing in your highest values. I stand for Peace, for Love and for Hope. Will you stand with me? Will you vote for Peace?